Gun Violence as a Key Problem of Modern Society

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In the course of recent years, gun violence has ascended to the cutting edge of open awareness. A significant part of the discussion has concentrated on firearm guidelines and keeping savage weapons out of the hands of potential executioners, especially those with psychological instabilities. Lamentably, far less consideration has been devoted to the effect of weapon viciousness on unfortunate casualties. While people slaughtered and harmed in barbarities, for example, the Sandy Hook and Aurora Theater shootings are freely recalled and grieved, casualties of these catastrophes are not constrained to those men, ladies, and youngsters murdered, harmed, or present during these terrible occasions. The outcomes of firearm brutality are progressively inescapable and influence whole networks, families, and kids. Thus being the reason this topic is important to me to learn and shed light on all these tragedies.

Gun violence be a horrifying regulatory in today's world is unacceptable. When researching this topic I hope to learn the reasons why the rise of gun violence have boomed over the past years. I hope to learn what future laws and future leaders of this country can do to reduce these tragic scenes. I must understand facts about this accident and figure out why so many people have to be harmed to notice that guns have always been a problem and have evidently been shown. I want to see how these guns reach the streets and what goes through the minds of the people who take action for no apparent reason on innocent people.

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With gun violence arguably being the biggest topic in today's world, there are arguments on both sides on why gun laws need to be changed and why they shouldn't. We all know the right bare arms and it's our liberty to be able to have such weapons. In personal cases ive seen how easy it is to obtain a simple handgun and even a rifle. A simple test and a background check many people are able to get this privilege without any mental test. Issues that arise with this topic is how we can implement change to already existing restrictions to make it even harder to be able to get these weapons. For many supporters of the NRA (National Rifle Association) it's hard for advocates against gun violence to bring change.

On a personal level, I personally own firearms and was always supportive of the NRA up until recent years. After so many tragedies it makes me wonder if I should even continue to owe this weapons. In fact that no change hasn't come when it comes to gun laws I find myself wondering why guns are so mass produced and distributed to anyone who can pass a simple test. Everyday I feel like my once hobby of going to the range had changed to be against the NRA and everything they stand for. But at the end of the day the guns can not pull its trigger and its important to take a deeper dive into this problem.

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