Halloween As My Favorite Holiday

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It was the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween, the only time of the year where accepting candy from strangers is ok. This story was back when I was a child, around 8 or 9, and was about to go outside to play with my friends. As I headed out, I was amazed with joy, of all the fall scenery. Seeing the neighborhood houses decorated, the clouds turn gray, and the weather turning colder, really put me in the spooky season. I soon met up with my friends to play some Halloween games, ironically at a church park. After playing some games, we all decided to play hide-and-seek, keep in mind the park is located inside the church, and has many locations to hide. We all screamed, “Not it!”, and since Junior was the last person he yelled, he would be the seeker. As we all ran to hide, we did not know that day, would forever be remembered in our brains.

When Junior began counting, I stayed a few seconds to see which way would everyone run to. Adrian, Steven, and Albert ran together in the direction to the top of the stairs of the church, Julie and Daisy hid inside the slide, so I decided to hide the opposite location of theirs, so it would take longer to find me, and I would win. I then remembered that there was a secret staircase that hardly anyone knew about, near the back of the church. I ran to the back of the church and opened a secret gate, that was hidden from bushes, and walked underground of the secret staircase. I stayed there, since the door was locked, but it didn’t matter because no one could see me. I soon began to whisper giggle, thinking I would win. 20 minutes passed, and I had not been caught, I wondered if they forgot about me, but was not going to leave my hiding place, so I stayed longer. Me not knowing, I feel asleep and the sky was dark, I was very scared. I could not hear any voices anymore and was just about to leave, when the door opened behind me. Unaware I did not see a hand reaching toward me, until something touched me, and I yelled like I was dying. “Ahhhhhhh!” I shrieked and dashed out the secret staircase and to the front of the park. I was running towards the park in the middle of the church, when I saw all my friends calling for me. I yelled, “Guys help me! Someone is trying to kidnap me!”, I then began to explain everything that had happened to me. When I finished, everyone was silent, then began laughing hysterically. “You’re lying Freddy, no one is trying to get you,” laughed Adrian. Just then, we heard someone running in the hallway behind us yelling, “Kid stop!”. I turned around and face changed completely looking fearful, and I yelled, “That’s the guy! That’s the kidnapper!”. All my friend’s faces soon looked fearful as well, and we all bolted to the exit gates of the church’s park.

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We all ran, as if it were a competition, trying not to be last, to avoid getting grabbed. Julie shouted, “Wait for me, don't leave me!”, and Steven yelled, “Don’t push, I don’t wanna fall!”. We all we about to be relieved leaving the park, when we saw in horror that the gates were locked, and were trapped! We all began shaking the gate, trying to break free, and escape the man chasing after us. Daisy then shrieked, “ He’s coming! Someone help us!”. As the man came near us, I thought to myself that of all months, this had to happen to us ironically near Halloween. When the man approached us, we were silent, shielding ourselves. “Hey kids,” He began, “Which one of you, was sleeping behind the church?”. I embarrassingly said, “It was me,”. He then said, “I saw you on the camera, and was gonna tell you that it’s late and to go home,”. I responded, “I thought you were going to kidnap me, cause you grabbed me, so I ran,”. He then shook his head saying no, saying he was a janitor who worked there, which led to me feeling embarrassed for thinking I was going to be kidnapped. He finally stated, “You guys better get going home, it’s gonna turn dark soon, and you never know who’s out there,”. We all awkwardly chuckled to his comment. The janitor then walked near the gate to unlock, and he said, “Thank you mister,”. Just as he lost sight of us, we all bolted home, laughing that we thought we were going to get kidnapped or killed. When I got home, and into my room, I knew began thinking that I would never remember this funny but scary experience that occured on the month of Halloween.

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