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Handmaid’s Tale: Freedom or Safety?

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Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint, but what makes it delightful is the happiness that comes to one’s life. On the other hand, safety can make the one to feel safe at all times, but it cannot bring any joy to a person’s life when it has no freedom next to it. Freedom is important because it makes people to come up with new ideas that lead to a better place, such as the world we are living on. History has seen many bloody battles between nations over liberty which emphasizes its importance. While it is a very important factor in people’s lives, safety without freedom can be meaningless and exhausting.

In these days, many people around the world risk their own lives to immigrate from one country to another country; some may do it to have more security, and some may do it to have more freedom. When a corrupt person take over a nation, people from that country know there will be some restrictions in their lives; in order to escape from those restrictions, these people risk their lives by travelling many miles away from their homes to another country. After the establishment of communism in Cuba, many Cubans left their homes and travelled over water to United States, land of freedom. This shows how people are seeking for freedom that they are even ready to put their safety in danger because they know their life would have been miserable without being free. Lastly, citizens of some countries risk their lives by travelling to a new country just to be free.

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In ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, women are living in a place where they do not have any right, and they have to obey everything that is being said to them. As government has taken their rights, women are just dreaming of a better living conditions even though the new government has provided safety for them. One of the handmaid, Offred, had been thinking about her former life with her family and how free she was: “I wanted to cry too because she reminded me. If only she wouldn’t eat half of them first, I said to Luke”(Atwood 55-56). This proves how the memory of the main character can be emotional for her when she sees she can never go back to that life again. In conclusion, women prefer to have freedom rather than having safety.

History has seen many battles between nations and people, and the main reason for those battles was liberty. The most important war in United States history is the American Revolution, a war that everyone knows about it from kids in elementary schools to seniors in care houses. While they knew Great Britain would protect them and provide safety for them against outside harms, such as France and Native Americans, Americans decided to be independent from Great Britain because they had no rights. The most well known quote from that time is, “taxation without representation” which means Americans at that time paid their taxes, but they did not have any right in the British government. Leading to the revolutionary war after the declare of independence, Americans fought over their liberties because they valued their freedom more than their safety. As a result, it can be said that people prefer to have freedom instead of safety.

Many governments try to provide safety to their citizens but in cost of taking their freedom; therefore, there have been many revolutions against these governments, and people have thrown their kings out. Freedom is the God given right when humans are born while safety is not. As a result, it can be said that people deserve to be free rather than safe.

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