Sacrificing Freedom for Increased Security

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One of Benjamin Franklin’s famous quotes is “Those who would sacrifice essential liberty to purchase a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Don’t we basically sell ourselves out when we sacrifice our freedom for just a little more safety? We become more vulnerable to the person and or situation. We sell ourselves out for possibly a little more security, and the fact is we aren’t guaranteed how much security they can give us or even how they secure us.

When we as Americans go crying to the state/government for safety we always end up sacrificing our liberty. The state takes people's liberty and in return gives them even more insecurities. Political leaders promise us safety from everything such as terror attacks and criminal activity. Our political leaders can offer us safety but only to a certain extent because they use a lot of coercion and negotiating, thus this cannot give us full safety. Politicians work with great care and perseverance to keep the idea of agreement in the mind of the public. If America started to see what the government was holding back from them they would see the lies and deception that go on, so that politicians can live at their own expense. The government does not care much about public opinion, they mostly care about the fear of the government. If we disobey the government they handle us with mandates and embargo they have ordered, and we’ll face fines, prison, etc. The government is not easily swayed by public stupidity.

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For example the Great Depression, we usually tell the story about how the government rescued the country from “excesses of capitalism” with its insightful new deal policies. Most of our population has been taught that the government was doing the proper thing for people, taking some of our liberty in return for high economic security. As our country found itself in depression President Hoover believed that his interventions would pull our country out of it. His progressive beliefs played superbly into the hands of other people who saw the Depression just as what war seemed, so just another excuse to move even farther away from free-market order. In other words not being truthful with what they were telling the country.

To conclude everything that has been clearly stated, sacrificing our freedom to increase our security will never be worth it. Our countries government feeds on our fear of what could possibly happen without more security from them. In reality, the government takes more from us when we ask for a little more security.

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