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Healthcare Culture Of Indian In Malaysia

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Did you know that the global health care industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industry that estimated about 5 trillion dollar spent every year? Yes it is. From this fact, it shows us how important health care system to human being regardless of different cultural background or nationality. It become important since people get sick and need treatment almost everyday throughout this world. As example, Japan which is one of developing country provide reasonable price in their health care system so that it can be afford by people. While Malaysia provide many of quality physicians and good facilities in their health care system. All country compete with each other to provide the best health care service to their people. However, when it comes to provide the best health care system, there are some differences and also similarities in health care practices between each culture. Japan and Indian from Malaysia are two different culture and nationality that has many differences and also similarities in this system which recognize by the whole world. What are the diversity in health care practices between this two culture?

One of diversity in health care practices between this two culture is both have different qualification requirements to become a physician or someone who works in medical field. The government has set this requirement in order to produce quality physicians that give benefits to people and country. For Japanese, in order to be a physician it takes 6 years long which consist of four years pre-clinical education and the other two years of clinical education. High school graduates are eligible to enter medical school. On the other hand for Malaysian, it takes almost 7 years to become a physicians. A medical degree is about 5 years long and 2 years housemanship, which is a compulsory internship for all medical student. Once completed housemanship, they will recognize as qualified medical doctor in Malaysia. According to Minister of Health in Malaysia, “ the requirement made is to make sure that all doctors are qualified with knowledge and talent to cure people”. From here we can see that, the government pay high attention when dealing with people’s health.

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Apart from that, to ensure people always healthy and receive a proper treatment, Japan government provide free health care fees for Japanese citizens, expatriates and foreigners. Japan government also ask their people to enroll in the National Health Insurance plan at their local government office. This is to ensure that their people will always get the best treatment without worry about the hospital fees. Similarly for Indian people in Malaysia, the government also concerned about their people’s health. Therefore, as an effort for that, 1Malaysia Clinic had been build at densely populated areas so that it would address the health needs of the citizens adequately. This clinics target to all people in Malaysia regardless of race with only charges RM1 for any treatment and free for senior citizens. According to the health of ministry, there are 361 of 1Malaysia clinics that had been build up and almost 6.47 million visits have been recorded. This prove us that this facilities provided has helped many people who believe in modern medicine regarding their health issues.

Eventhough, nowadays Japan is widely practiced in western medicine, however, they still belief in traditional medicine. According to Kristin Santiago, PhD holder from Cal State University study shows that Japanese nowadays prefer treatment with combination of western and traditional. This treatment is basically influenced by their religious beliefs which is shintoism and buddhism. Example of traditional treatment that they still practice are shiatsu massage in which pressure is applied at the body to gain energy and acupuncture for releasing of toxins and pain relief. Similarly, treatment and medicines also mixes with religion in Indian culture. Most of indian in malaysia belief in Hindu. This society believe in treating patient holistically and emphasizing in prevention. Most of Indian use herbal remedies to cure illness. Physical ailments, stress and karma are considered as root causes for diseases in Indian culture. Treatment for illness mostly involves herbal remedies, massage or application of oil at certain areas.

In conclusion, there are a lot of diversity in health care practices that influenced by different culture. All people have their on belief when it comes to the way they take care about their health and we have to respect as we live with people surrounding that come from different culture background. By learning and understanding different culture we will understand why people do things the way they do. From that we also learn to accept rather than judge what makes them different from us. The authorities especially health ministry should play an important role to ensure the effectiveness of health care system so that all people will get benefits from that. It cannot be deny that health care is a part of our life and it is our right to have access to health care whenever we need it. The health care industry should be continue to grow as long as man is exist.

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