Honoring Parents In Chinese Culture

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Honoring parents is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is the responsibility and obligation of those who are children. In Chinese history, from ancient times to the present, no dynasty did not pay much attention to filial piety, Confucius put 'filial piety' in the first place of all morality, as 'the head of standing' and 'the source of self'. Many contemporary ethicists regard filial piety as the first step in dealing with interpersonal relationships in life, the basic requirements for life, and the basis for the formation of moral qualities such as caring for others, consciously advancing, and loving the motherland.

Mum and dad are the people who give life to us. They nourish us with the most selfless love in the world and make us grow up. Honoring parents is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Each of us should honour and respect our parents.

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Mom and Dad give us life. How much time and effort have been sacrificed, and how much energy and financial resources have been sacrificed by our parents from the moment we fell to the ground to become today's students. Mom and dad have a deep and unselfish affection for us, and honoring our parents is the minimum morality of our lives.

Some people say that it is human nature to forget gratitude. When we came to this world by chance and had no time to do anything, we have begun to enjoy all the material and spiritual results that our predecessors brought us.

Gratitude is little virtue, and gratitude is great evil. In life, there are always many things that affect our emotions, joys, or worries, so what kind of mentality to choose to face life, we also choose what kind of life to live. Gratitude is my attitude towards life. Gratitude is not limited to remembering the benefits of others, but extends to all aspects of life

The same goes for the success or failure of the cause. Gratitude is not a preaching of a negative fatalism, but a positive way of life! Learn to be grateful and don't remember to hate people who are bad for you. The writer Yu Jie said a word: hating one person hurts himself far more than hurting the other person. Learn to be grateful, know that En Tu Bao does not forget the ungratefulness, the grace of dripping water should be reported by the Yongquan, and the people will return to the mountain.

Learn to be grateful, know that giving others a chance is giving yourself a chance, and giving someone a rose to leave a scent. If you are in trouble today, someone will be in trouble. Life is a mirror, learn to be grateful, keep a smile on life, and life will give you a smile. Honoring parents starts from bit by bit. It is not the honour of honoring parents.

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