How Does The Author Of The Giver Use Their Protagonist’s Quest To Explore Responsibilities?

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Jonas is the protagonist in the book named The Giver. The Giver is about a futuristic utopian society which has tried to relieve its citizens of choices to ensure sameness, fairness, and equality. We start reading with Jonas who is eleven years old; in the book every December they hold a ceremony where each child moves up a year in school and receives special privileges. When Jonas turns 12, he will have his future job assigned to him. This essay will talk about how the author of the Giver uses ‘Jonas’ view to show us the power. Rights are what can he do that is apart and responsibilities with how he uses his power.

How does Jonas have honour and not power? Jonas has pale eyes, which are rare in his society but later he notices Gabriel, a child who his father cares for and sometimes brings home for extra help, has them too.

In the community each morning the family unit is supposed to share their dreams with one another. Jonas, before turning 12 told his family about every dream he had; one time he shared his dream about that he has with Fiona, a girl in his class, his mother tells him to begin taking a pill every morning that will stop these 'stirrings.' Every evening the family shares their feelings from the day and encourages each other to work through them. This is one the responsibilities in the community.

In the community they do not know much about the past because only the receiver of memory can store them in his mind and keep all the past people have been suffering from all colour, to race and all the pain they have been feeling. That is one the receiver of memory’s jobs.

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When Jonas is given his rule book, it tells him to report to the Annex entrance behind the house of the old each day, go home after training each day, he is exempt from rudeness and that he may ask questions and get answers from anyone; another one of his rules instructs him not to discuss his training with anyone. His fifth rule prohibits him from dream-telling, which was a surprise to him, because telling and analysing dreams is a routine that every family in the community does together.

The sixth rule tells him not to ever apply for medication unless it is unrelated to his job. This is a heads-up that his job might be painful, and he will not be allowed to take medicine for it.

The seventh rule says that he is not allowed to apply for release. This does not bother Jonas, as he cannot fathom ever wanting to apply for release anyway. The last rule is the most unnerving, though: 'You may lie.' No one in the community was ever allowed to lie! This makes Jonas wonder, however, how many other people received this same rule, and how many people did actually lie. This the right of Jonas and his responsibilities. ‘Jonas’ power is the ability to see beyond.

Jonas develops his ability to see beyond when the Giver transmits colours to him. The Giver also has to pass along painful memories, such as injuries, starvation, and war to Jonas because it was part of the job. Jonas who had never experienced true pain in his life found it too painful to handle. Later Jonas learns what release means when he watches a video of his father injecting an infant with a syringe to the forehead in order to kill it.

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