Inequality in the Distribution of Educational Resources

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This paper will discusses inequality in the distribution of educational resource with the reference to realisation of the common good in both local and global context. The challenges in this tropic is important because education distribution has not only been a local issue but has impacted globally in various ways. This paper will further discuss the understanding of common good and its relationships to other Catholic social thoughts principles. Hence, this article will focus on how nurses can contribute to various challenges related to inequality in distribution of educational resources.

Around the globe, in each nation inequality in educational resource is a huge issue which is related to the major challenges in every society. Thus, it still appears that the civilisation is less attentive to this situation even after knowing the fact that the equality in education improvise the guarantee to be in a better position in a society fro every human being (Pardeck, 2008). The poor government police and ignorance of the society towards the management of education system is the main cause of this situation. It is a matter of concern because the principle of Common Good is not recognised locally and globally beacuse it represents a nation that works together to build a nation with equal distribution of resources to each and every individual (CCEW,2010).Despite historical, socio-economical and geographical variation the common good and catholic thoughts teaches how every individual should be treated equally and at the same level. According to CCEW, 2010 the Common good represents a nation that includes partnership, fulfilment, solidarity and flourishing the need of the people of different level.

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Unequal distribution of educational resources in Australia is extensive and it also manifest a variety of ways such as funding and teachers coverage to access to learning and educational resources (Admanson, 2015). According to the research inequality in distribution of education resource is everywhere around the world. This is the result of very less development in the society. Social problems are faced in almost every part of the world also demonstrates inequality in distribution of educational resources (Sullivan, 2011). Although, the government and the nation have tried to solve this but it has not given a satisfactory solution yet (Ginsburg,2018). As estimated 617 million children and adolescents around the world are not able to meet the minimum proficiency level in reading and learning , although two third of them are going to school (UNICEF,2018). This is the consequence of lack of inadequate learning materials, trained and qualified teachers, make shift classes and also poor sanitation makes learning difficult to the children. Similarly, the report also says that there are more non- learners in the schools than out of the school.

As nursing is my profession, despite of these factors the role of the nurses in this challenge at the global level is to practice the nursing code of conduct as it sets out all the legal requirements, professional behaviour and conduct that is expected from all the nurses. This plays an important role because generally, an individual nurse have their own personal value but the code of conduct ties every nurses in one row so that the nursing facility is equal and even to every individual receiving care (NMBA,2018). Nurses including other health care professional can contribute by addressing the obstacles and finding the solutions in order to diminish the inequality in distribution of educational resources in both locall and global context. Health professionals have greater understanding and knowledge to critically think how educational resource crisis can impact the children, adolescents, and their entire future (Clendon,2018).

In the context of developing and developed countries alike illiteracy resulted from unequal distribution of educational resources is very common. Depending upon factors originated from sex, socioeconomic factor, cultural diversity are the key to the better education to a child. To resolve this issue health professional can travel the world especially, the developing countries and conduct conduct awareness programs on managing the lifestyle and importance of the proper education to the community people. Being a nurse, I can contribute by analysing the issues that the community is facing and the reasons that are causing inequality in education and resources.

One of the major factor increasing educational resource crisis in developing country is poor sanitation supply to the children in school. Many children are facing this challenge because they come to school hungry, tired and exhausted from household activities (UNICEF,2018).Hence, supporting these children will help them in better learning. I can also provide health education on proper sanitation because a good health is very important in any aspect of life. Similarly, I can help children in advance learning because it is very important that a child receives better education along with access to all the educational resources which helps them to achieve a secure and bright future including factors such as intellectual and social development ( Schweiger and Graft, 2015).

Another step to minimise inequality in distribution of educational resource is to manage the governmental conflicts and focus on development of educational system world wide to resolve the ongoing issue. Advocacy is an important strategy that allows individual to act smoothly and professionally for the welfare of the community, nation and the word so as a nurse my first priority is to become an advocate to those children’s who are facing inequality. In order to extend, children in countries from Middle East and South Africa (for instance Syria) are always bereft of education facilities for lifetime, unless the governmental conflict is ongoing. As stated by UNICEF,2018 over 2 million of the children remain out of the school and 1.3 million are at the risk of dropping out from school in Syria, only because of the attack in educational facilities. Being a nurse I can contribute by joining the non- profit organisations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO who facilitates the children by providing care and services that they are in need of because schooling does not ends to learning always.This is vital to protect principle of common good.

Article twenty-eight of convection on the right of the child not only states that all the children have right to education but also specifies that the students should be motivated to go to the school by offering them with all the facilities and resources including technology as per required (UNHR, 1990).

To conclude, inequality in distribution of educational resource exist in almost every part of the world but to make sure that the contribution to educational resource management to protect the principle of common good is vital. The principle of common good is the right to every individual despite of any discrimination because it belongs to everyone. A nurse can play an important role to meet this principle and should be implicated by any person in similar way because it can be only fulfilled if we all work together. It is our responsibility to participate and promote peace in society, locally and globally.

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