Mark Twain's 'Two Views of the Mississippi': Review Essay

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The Mississippi River is the longest river in North America. It stretches from Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota all the way down through New Orleans and into the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River covers half of the United States and connects to 33 states. It is also known because many explorers used the river to navigate the United States before there were maps. Many of the United States' agricultural products were floated down the Mississippi River into the port of New Orleans before being shipped around the world.

In his book 'Two Views of the Mississippi', Mark Twain tells of his point of view of the glorious Mississippi River and how it impacted his life. He begins by talking about his younger years when he was a boat captain on a steamboat that would cruise the Mississippi River both day and night. When Mark Twain was a young kid, he grew up on the Mississippi River, spending many hours playing in the creeks and streams of the river. He always dreamed of growing up and becoming a boat captain on the great river and being able to explore and move products up and down the river. In his book, he writes about how he was finally able to accomplish this dream when he became a boat captain as a young man. Later in the story, he talks about how he made his way back to the river one day as an older man. He talks about how crazy it was that so much has changed. He stated it made him really value the little things from his memories. He also talks about how he would stare at the sunset for hours on end, whereas when he was a young man he would not have done this because he was only focused on his job as a boat captain.

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'Two Views of the Mississippi' has long and drawn-out sentences, like the Mississippi River as it winds down through the country. Its tone is very slow and somber. The audience for this piece of literature is directed towards older people who grew up reading Mark Twain and his classics, or the occasional teenager who enjoys the outdoors. The moral of this story is more of a comparison of how one views something from when they are younger and when they are older.

In my opinion, 'Two Views on the Mississippi' by Mark Twain is a long and drug out type of story about life and how things change. This is a really good, interesting, and noteworthy literary work.

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