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Money Can't Buy Happiness: Persuasive Essay

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Consider the question, does money really bring you happiness? Most will say: “Obviously, I will give you money and we will be best friends”. In this essay, I want to argue my point of view that money cannot buy true happiness.

Happiness is difficult to define. Everyone has a different view of happiness based on past behaviors. Rich people can buy your happiness, because with money you can buy the shoes you want, and you are eager to do all this. Some people say that money gives you strength, power and influence, but on the other hand, they disagree. From my personal point of view, I don't think money can bring you external pleasures in life. Money is the basic necessity to buy daily necessities in our lives. In addition, money cannot give you the emotion of love and joy.

It is quite obvious that money can improve the quality of life and make anyone happy. Today, people think that happiness is bought in stores. But I personally think that they overestimate how much fun they will have buying luxury items. We really don't need all these extravagant luxuries. Are they necessities of life? Are there two things that can show a person's vanity? Or they just wanted to follow what Jones said. They are people of different social, labor, middle and upper classes. It all has nothing to do with money, but with the little important things in life. Money cannot buy time, so we should use our time wisely and do spend time with our loved ones. Dependence on money causes serious mental stress, and material life can become an unhealthy problem. From a money perspective, you can fix any problem. Everything can be bought and sold. The only problem is the place: money gives people the opportunity to extend our lives through the use of advanced medical technology. You can afford the best doctors, medical surgeries and nursing treatments abroad. People die without money for treatment. Besides the rich, there are more opportunities to prevent this disease.

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Obviously, when we look at the best things and money in life, it is because they are in fact elements that we sometimes take for granted. We may not realize the importance of loving family and friends, but when we think about it, it is true that the best things in life are free. Can you imagine life now without money? It is even possible to survive in a world driven by money and the material world. Some people say that money makes the world go round. Therefore, there is no doubt that money has become the central axis of many people's lives. Everyone seems to be working tirelessly to earn money. Even students who study hard can find a high-paying job and earn a lot of money in the future. Although money cannot buy happiness, we cannot live without ourselves.

Obviously, money cannot buy happiness, because many people work hard and fight for money every day, and they are often unhappy. Due to heavy workload and long working hours, most people do not have time to spend money, they are very rich. They have no time or energy for leisure activities, and it goes without saying that their family and friends can barely see them. This can make them feel lonely and depressed. Excessive sweating will not bring happiness, but it will be painful in this case. To make matters worse, money is often the main source of harm to happiness. People often compete for money among friends or family, which can become a very serious problem. For example, long-term partners of family members are often heard arguing about inheritance, and these family members arguing about money-related issues. In some cases, the resulting unpleasant demands and relationships will be destroyed forever. So, what's the use of owning it when no one shares it?

However, different views on money can sometimes make a person happy. For some people, earning enough money to pay their monthly bills and putting food on the table will make them happy. For others, karma can save enough money to buy things that interest them or take a vacation. With some savings, instead of relying on wages for a living, wages also give people a way of thinking. After all, if a person has to worry about facing a financial crisis, they will not be happy. Therefore, money can buy happiness for one's own survival or for the immediate realization of one's wishes. Mark Twain once said: “Lack of money is the root of all evil”. I agree with him, because no one can live on money today. But no amount of money can buy true happiness.

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