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Monitoring Of Heart Rate And Detection Of Heart Attack

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To the existence and influence, health related parameters and issues are of utmost importance to man. Various systems have been developed that are able to capture and monitor changes in health parameters. A real time remote monitoring of heart rate is presented in this paper. This system uses an alert and LCD display that are capable of monitoring the heart rate. A low cost, efficient and flexible heart rate detection and alert system using wireless module has been implemented in this paper. The sensors sense and measure the heart rate and detected signals are sent to control unit for further processing. The processor displays the heart rate on LCD which is then proceeded to alert system. If there is a large difference between the normal and measured heart rates, then an alert will be provided by the system. This system is continuous, real time, safe and accurate in monitoring the heart rates.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnection of embedded devices using network technologies. The IoT will be one of the important trends in the future, can affect networking, business and communication. IoT generally expects to offer advanced broadband connectivity for embedded devices, systems, and services that goes beyond the machine-to-machine (M2M) context. Advanced device connectivity in automation is possible in almost any area.

Today, everyone is so busy in life that he forgets to take care of his health. Keeping all these things in mind, technology is really an asset for an individual. With the advancement of technology, many intelligent or medical sensors have emerged, continuously analyzing the activity of each patient and automatically predicting a heart attack before the patient feels sick.

Therefore, it is important to identify the right sensors. Today, in the medical field, patients are actively involved in the collection and review of their reports. In this digitized world, various wireless communication standards have allowed the sensor to develop from traditional forms, that is, to require the active participation of the patient in a passive form, i.e. say they do not require patient involvement.

Today, the many passive sensors used constantly monitor a patient’s vital signs and store or share them wirelessly with human health professionals. By combining analysis and sensor data, reports describing the patient’s early health status are established. As needed, different types of sensors are deployed.

Recently, research on human-health monitoring systems has shifted from the basic reasoning of portable sensor readings to the advanced level of data processing for more information useful to the end users, whether for the doctor or the patient.

The usual diseases have a considerable influence on health care, where the cost of healing the risk of stroke is natural. Changes in the analytical structure and the lack of social and health personnel make it necessary to study new modernization techniques that could help overcome these obstacles.

Seniors should visit the doctor regularly to see the results of testing their symptoms. Regular observation of essential signs is mandatory as they are the main signs of well-being of individual health .

These vital signs which includes,

  • a. Pulse rate
  • b. Body temperature

The goal is to develop an essential sign monitor that collects body information and sends parameters via wireless technology .

There must be an appropriate transmission method and display the signal once the data has been processed. PMR is one of the key technologies that will help us monitor patients who are out of the reach of common clinical environments, which will increase access to care and reduce the cost of providing health care to people.

In many developing countries, human health is often defined as a major problem. that is to say, almost 8% of the population can access 20% of the country’s medical resources. This inability to access health care services for rural populations, coupled with increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, is a serious problem.

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In this article, we propose a remote monitoring and detection parameter of the human body composed of pulse and temperature. The parameters used for detection and observation will send the data via wireless sensors. The addition of a web-based observation makes it possible to track the normal health of a patient. The detection data will be continuously collected in the database and will be used to inform the patient of any invisible problem so that he can make a diagnosis.

Proposed system

The monitoring / surveillance system implemented by Human-Wellbeing includes patients, Human-Wellbeing observation units, cloud for information maintenance and security [7]. With the help of some equipment units, different sensors and gadgets associated with a web association [8]. Figure 1 shows the complete architecture of the proposed system.

The functionality of the system is divided into three main modules; they are:

  1. Sensing module
  2. The Main module

The detection module detects the patient’s condition using sensors. The main module is used to collect information via the detection module. And the user (doctors or patient or monitor) interacting with the system via an interaction module.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno could be a microcontroller board supported the ATmega328P (datasheet). it’s fourteen digital input/output pins (of that six may be used as PWM outputs), six analog inputs, a sixteen megacycle per second quartz, a USB affiliation, an influence jack, associate degree ICSP header and a push. It contains everything required to support the microcontroller; merely connect it to a laptop with a USB cable or power it with an AC-to-DC adapter or battery to start. It is an open source computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and the development environment used for writing the software for the board.

Heartbeat Sensor

The Heart Beat sensor is intended to supply an analog output of heartbeat if the finger is placed on it. The heartbeat detector starts operating, the top crystal rectifier starts flashing with each heartbeat. The output of this sensing element may be connected to the small Controller on to live the heartbeat. It functions on the principle of sunshine modulation by blood flow through the nerves of the finger at each pulse. The module output mode, the analog output mode is easy.


A buzzer or beeper is an audio signal device, which may be mechanical as well as electromechanical, or piezoelectric. Buzzers are devices classified as annunciators. Buzzer is an indicator, which indicates something is happening in the circuit by the beeping sound of the buzzer.

Working Model

The above diagram describes about the circuit diagram of the experiment. In the above diagram, the three pins in the heartbeat sensor is connected to the Arduino board, two pins are connected to the ground and one is connected to the negative. Buzzer is also connected to the Arduino Uno board such that it buzzes when the heartbeat is low.

Experimental Results on Pulse sensor

After checking all the pin connections and adding the library to the Arduino IDE and uploading the source code, run the code. Serial monitor display will be turned on to display the Human-Human- Heart rate reading obtained by the Pulse Sensor. Place your index finger on the front side of the pulse sensor, you should see LED1 (green) glow in time with your Human-Heartbeat when you place your finger on the sensor. Place your finger on the sensor lightly till you get a read on the serial monitor that shows signal is already transmitted. You will be able to get the reading on serial monitor.

The different test cases have been considered for the Human- Human-Heart rate of a patient are

  • When the patient is sitting idle
  • When the patient is a sleep
  • When the patient is running
  • Also, when a patient has undergone an abnormal Human-Heartbeat

Configured maximum range for the Human-Heartbeat which is measured, if the measured Human-Heartbeat is not within the range the serial plotter will display a message showing the Human- Heartbeat Alert and a buzzer to beep only for this special purpose. The buzzer will go beep if the measured Human- Heartbeat is not within the range.


Nowadays, the risk of heart attack increases. This system that helps detect the heartbeat of a person who uses the heartbeat, even if the person is at home. This system too helps the hospital monitoring system, all monitored patients by single person in the server room. This system that helps measure the body temperature, the heart rate, the pulsations of the person. we will do this system for the animals so that we can save them. So, we can detect the heart blocking through this technology by our project.


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