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My Motivation to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad

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As I tumble through the air, time seemed to slow since i landed here. I have fallen hard many times before, but even before I hit the ground, I can tell this fall is different. The biggest reason to study abroad is the opportunity to see the world, and in today’s world, recruiters value graduates with international experience and education. Studying abroad helps you to learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a broad understanding of the world.

I have always been able to find time for my passion and I became interested in teaching after noticing that teaching is a challenging profession because you'll get to learn as well as teach.

As my undergraduate work processed, I found I had interest in teaching, so I decided to go for M.Tech to take my passion to go a long way. During the period of this post-graduation, I worked at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, CEERI Pilani, India under the guidance of senior scientists where I got hands on experience of working on the machines used for the project ‘Multilayer Metallic Coatings for Beam Splitter Applications’. In the proposed work, the realization of work was proposed by the use of COMSOL software and Essential Macleod software simulation. During my under graduate project, I got the opportunity to work as group leader having group of 3 members where I represented my group by giving synopsis and presentations for project, and there I realized the importance of decision making for a project in a time bound manner. During my graduation I got an opportunity for industrial training in HCL Career development center where I got to work on electronic equipment. During my schooling, I got second prize at the state level for participating in a scholarship program.

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After completing my post-graduation, I started to teach in a middle school to take my passion to a new level. I completed two years teaching there, then I realized I also had an interest in management after seeing the school management authority, how they manage this much big institute in a very organized manner. Since then, I developed a passion towards career in management and I had desire to master management concepts, strategic planning and techniques required to operate a business successfully and compete in a global market. My education has proven to me that how much more I need to learn before I can attain my goal of becoming an accomplished businesswoman and successful entrepreneur. In addition to this, I have a keen interest in sports. In my free time, I use to play badminton. Although, I don't know much about this sport, but still I like to play this. I like to travel around the world and explore new areas. I'm also learning Chinese language, so that will help me to me to deal with different situations that would come up in the working world.

I have been interested by how businesses operate and function, considering how they are able to become successful not only on a local scale, but how they are able to expand and grow to eventually operate on a global scale. This course not only covers the above topics, but will also introduce me to the new areas of the Chinese culture, which will broaden my knowledge and understanding of the topic as a whole. I have a broad interest in many subject areas, but I feel more drawn towards a business-oriented degree. I want to study business because in the future I aim to be an independent woman, in charge of my own destiny.

Having the opportunity to study at your school would be a great opportunity for me to continue in the field of business management, to learn new things and work out of my comfort zone. I am ready for this challenge in my life, and know that I will work hard, thrive and develop as a result of undertaking a degree in Business and Management, as well as contribute and give back to my university community.

I hope that one day I will be able to say I studied in such an inspiring school that my marketing ideas could have the sort of influence and impact that would lead to such incredible success.

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