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Nationalism Predisposition To Ethnic Conflicts, Terrorism And National Division

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Nationalism originated in England and France in the 18th century. Since then, it has had an inestimable influence on world history. Every coin has two sides, even it has existed for a long time, doesn’t mean we can underestimate the disadvantage of it.

Nationalism is prone to ethnic conflict. Different nations have their own interests, so conflicts will inevitably occur between each other. This is a normal phenomenon. However, in some countries and regions, this nationalism that safeguards the interests of its own nation has evolved into racism, that is, it emphasizes that its own nation is a superior nation, while other nations are inferior nations. The most typical examples are the discrimination against blacks and the slaughter of Indians by white Americans. In addition to racism, pure ethnic conflicts continue to be staged around the world. The old grievances of France and Germany are typical examples.

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Nationalism is prone to terrorism. The love of our nation is a good thing, but when our nation is in a weak position and oppressed by a powerful nation, a strong nationalist complex may evolve into terrorism. The world's first widely recognized terrorist incident was the Sarajevo incident of 1914. The Austro-Hungarian Empire desperately occupied Serbia's Bosnia and Herzegovina regardless of Serbian opposition, and held a military exercise against Serbia in Serbia on the day of Serbia's Shame (the date when Serbia was conquered by Turkey centuries ago). However, Serbia was incapable of confronting Austria-Hungary at that time, and the Serbian strong national complex could not be released, which directly led to the Sarajevo incident and brought a devastating disaster to the world. In addition to this pure terrorism, national separatism also often resorts to the form of terrorism to achieve its purpose of splitting the country. Today's world terrorism has become the number one threat to world peace.

Nationalism is prone to national division. Although nationalism has promoted the development of nation-states, excessive nationalism can easily lead to national separatism, and the direct consequence of national separatism is state separatism. Most countries in the world are multi-ethnic countries. There are multiple nations in a country, and each nation has its own interest claims. When such interest claims are not met, it is easy to cause these nations to use nationalism as an excuse to set off a national separatist movement to split the country and form Own regime. Even in some countries, the government grants certain ethnic groups many special rights higher than others, but the minority fanatic nationalists of these ethnic groups are still not satisfied, they carry out activities to split the country regardless of the consequences, and even collude with foreign countries, at the expense of The interests of the people.

Nationalism was meant to emphasize a sense of identity and belonging to the nation, which is conducive to stimulating national self-esteem and self-confidence. Now days, It has become the source of modern violence, it has seriously threatened world peace and the collective interests. How to solve the problem caused by nationalism has become a major issue worldwide. Above all, having collective interest replacing national interest would be hard but it’s the best opinion.

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