Nursing College is So Much More Than Just the Degree

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Why College and Nursing College is more than just the degree it promises? At a time when student debts are soaring, one would question why anyone would want to join college. Well, I am already here, fully enrolled and ready for what is likely to be the best and most important experience of my life.

College is about the connections that you make. You could be studying, in the same class, with the next Bill Gates or you could easily have your own Zuckerberg experience. There is also the likely outcome of gaining critical knowledge. This is where you get to earn education and skills that are essential for surviving this extremely competitive world. Creativity is likely to be improved here while talents get perfected. Understanding different cultures is also an added advantage as colleges enroll students from different backgrounds with unique cultures which exposes each student to a part of the world they never knew about. College is about gaining knowledge, sharing experiences and understanding the world in its various aspects, thus, my enrollment in this prestigious institution.

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Elementary school created a passion for learning new concepts in me. Knowledge was exciting then as it is even up to now. The thought of gaining even more knowledge excited me. I would spend hours in the school library, sometimes even reaching out for voluminous books as they seemed to contain more knowledge. However, as with most things we desire, I found the books to be, most of the time, difficult to understand and I gradually lost interest. My English was still basic at this time. As I moved to middle school, more complex words were introduced and I could now understand complex books. My interest in English was average at best during this time, it however grew once I joined high school. I wanted to become a writer and my English teacher encouraged me, advising that I should read more books and pay attention to the dynamics of the English language. In my quest to understand English and learn new words, I came across a collection of influential women in the 19th century. This is where I learnt the history of Florence Nightingale and probably what subtly influenced my college degree selection.

As a person, I understand my limitations. In as much as I would want to surpass them, I am well aware of the lengths I cannot surpass. I plan to come out of this institution with a nursing degree, however, more importantly, I hope to understand the world better through my college experience. I believe that understanding the world will help me become a better nurse, and a better person generally. Through my nursing degree, I hope to care for patients and help lengthen their lives and relieve them of the pain resulting from various ailments. Understanding the world will help me connect with patients emotionally which, I believe, will help with my provision of nursing care.

Every course has its challenges and so does nursing. Attaining the degree will require perseverance, endurance, patience and a lot of practice. Through these four attributes, I believe that the nursing degree will be achievable. According to Hoerr, grit is an integral part of a student’s success in any level of learning (118). Grit involves the aforementioned attributes. Enrolling for the nursing course and having an interest in creating a better world through touching one life at a time will not be enough to complete this degree. Nursing will require working smart which I plan to do. Having a schedule and sticking to it will help me plan my time, allocating enough time for study and for recreational activities. With a proper plan, productivity is likely to be achieved. I also plan on having meaningful nursing-centered interaction with my fellow class members. Having classmates with common goals of success in this field and interacting with them will help me remain focused through the positive influence that will result from our interactions such as group studies. Interacting with nursing students in upper levels will also help as they can advise on how they made it past the first year of this college course. Learning from already accomplished nurses will also help me understand how to go about the nursing profession. I plan on engaging nurses in local hospitals and inquiring how they managed to go through college and their experiences in the nursing field. Understanding innovations and inventions in the nursing field will prepare me for nursing practice as the nursing field is an ever evolving profession. As technology advances, nursing practice also improves. Identifying mentors in school and in the nursing profession will make these plans and goals practical. Recreation is also important in keeping the mind active. For my study breaks and to break the monotony of nursing, I plan on playing musical instruments. English is an essential part of this course, and many other courses. Through English, the skills that I require for writing term papers, essays and any other academic paper will be acquired.

Knowledge can only be acquired and applied effectively through proper education. Having a college degree now is more important than ever. It is easier to find a job with a college degree than without (Oreopoulos, Philip, and Uros Petronijevic 2). Therefore, college is essential, at least for me, as I plan on securing a future through the practice of nursing. English will be an essential tool through all my undergraduate and even post-graduate years.

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