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Organizational Communications, Culture and Change: Importance of Communication Skills

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Communication skill is an important essential skill that each human being should have to use for daily life. According from Ravelry's policy banned Trump supporters in their business websites can affects the business two sides important for their organizations such as advantages and disadvantages from doing this policy. ravelry received credit rules executed from 2018 for writing the new policy (Catherine Shu, 2019).Bad communication skills can make people hate and love you in the same time. Which CataLink should know and prepare how to deal with hard communication situation problems for their business. CataLink can use the Ravelry policy case to learn how to avoid having no-platforming, othering and exclusion challenges by teaching good communication skills training the employees to know how to communicate with people, and motivating and persuading people. Bad communication skills can ruin your business's future and images from bad behaviors. Inclusion Policy“We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy.

Support of the Trump administration undeniably supports for white supremacy.” (Ravelry, 2019)SuggestionFrom Ravelry and trump policy case will give lessons to CataLink to learning in know how to persuade people, be alert when talking in a public space will make ruin or build the business images, improve company communication skills to improve company work quality, learn how to be effective communication skills, know how to approach people, use a comfortable language when doing a presentation, and be a professional speaker. CataLink should not do the same behavior as Ravelry and Donald Trump did of their poor communication skills. For example, Ravelry and Trump used social media in the wrong way of communication skills hateful behaviors, power crazy personalities, childish, mentally issues, bullying and violent people in public speakers and social media, creating consistent messaging about face criticism and hate speech for letting people fight in the site. If CataLink wants to avoid business

challenges from bad communication skills like the USA having the problems about it right now. CataLink should learn how to do communication between CEO and their employees to be in the same track and know where to improve and solve problems will make the business improve their communication skills and understand each other more (Kunal Kamal Kumar and Sushanta Kumar Mishra, 2016). In the same time, Donald Trump should learn how to communicate or improving his communication skills. There are three main skills will improve his communication skills as president, he or she must know how to be a good speaker, have effective communication skills, knowing how to use the right language when they are speaking in public or posting messages in social media will make people trust and support them ( Lin Grensing-Pophal, 2002). So, the first one is rhetorical skills are being able to influence people is significant in a political world where every influencer relevant has their own specific attitude. The second one is listening skills to become a successful president, having good listening skills are also significant. To persuade and control citizens to be on your support and your side, politicians must listen to people's perspectives and respond immediately. The last one is communication; communication is the main primary key to be a successful president.

To persuade members in the parliament even from an opposite party or your own party to support your opinion, effective communication skills are very essential section in winning opinion polls or elections (Management, n.d.). Ravelry should not ban Donald Trump. Because, it will create lots of effect to their community, as American has two sides of support such as people who support Trump and people who hate Trump. But, as Trump are being the US president right now, it can make Ravelry had a negative feedback and will have haters from making this inclusion policy.ExampleCuban stated that: 'No leadership skills, no management skills, not very good communications skills, but he's obviously had an impact on the economy, so he gets credit for that,'. The problem is Donald Trump not being able to communicate on the issues and does not know how to be a good communicator. As a president is a representation and face of the country, President should learn should have these three skills: good leadership skills, good management skills, and communication skills to be able to communicate with citizens and understand people's concerns and needs for the country. WhyStart from the first, Donald Trump supporter in the last two-year slogan was obviously focused by xenophobia, sexism, and racism. When some of the observers have discussed Trump being a successful President as an outcome of economic stressfulness, the data demonstrates that anti-immigrant racism, sentiment, and sexism are very highly relevant to support for the Trump party.

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Trump is been discussed voting benefits with non-college-learning whites American is misleading; while accounting for sexism and racism, the education gap among white Americans in the 2016 election returns to the general levels of earlier elections from 2000. (Vanessa Williamson and Isabella Gelfand, 2019)The reasons why Ravelry created the banning of Trump and his administration team are because trump has many bad behaviors to people. For example, Donald Trump's bad behaviors are he’s being racist to Muslims and Asians, always talking bad things about women and violence, and bullying people on Twitter many users on Twitter want to ban him from Twitter. (Guardian, 2019) But, Ravelry uses social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are using their influence power to spread bad rumors, harassment, and spread racism. it is special brave and powerful for people who use their site. but there is still a big impact site to take an attitude that certainly has a link between white supremacy and the Trump administration (Catherine Shu, 2019). The other main reason why many people hate Donald Trump was the travel ban policy, “President Trump’s executive actions take important steps to protect the American people by allowing for the proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals.” the DHS stated that. Since Donald Trump create list of several banned lists country for coming to the USA such as Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Iran and etc. countries. This policy could bring many negative causes to the USA and hard for many people who want to go to will not want to travel to the USA anymore (Sabrina Siddiqui, 2018). Donald also being racist in do not allow

Muslim to come to the United States, the president also willing to send many Syrian refugees back to Syria and keep an eye on Muslims people in the USA as well (Nicholas Kamm, 17). This is the reason why many people in the USA and around the world hate Donald Trump and he should change his bad behaviors and perspective of looking at different cultures and communication. As Trump should know how to treat and understand people first then Trump will be received love and support from people back. how communication is an act of communicating, conferring, debating, discussing, the act of imparting from Old French Communication. (Online Etymology Dictionary, n.d.)Based on Ravelry and Trump's case are having bad communication skills which can have several negative affects from this poor communication skills. For example, of poor communication can cause business challenges to CataLink. When employees in the company are dissatisfied clients is being a part of bad communication skills, have family problems can make people cannot concentrate and focus of what they are doing, mental health and physical issues are not unusual things such as when things go wrong in both at home or work can make people having physical or mental in the same time, unmet expectations is from poor communication when employees do not know how to figure out from they are doing well made them did a wrong thing, stress is made people feeling tense of everything you do is in hurry all the time from doing overworked will have poor communication skills and workplace issues from this problem (Anne Kinsey, 2019).If CataLink improves its business communication skills, it will receive a few good advantages to its business. Successful leaders can powerfully communicate with their employees. There are fourteen ways a business can use to improve their employee's communication skills to become effective people such as: being a listener, laughing less and focusing more on earning, adding a story to increase audience retention, learning how to get along with the audience, using extemporaneously comfortable languages and speaking style, be professional in the art of timing, record important memories for people posterity, using PIP approach style, always using key points from start to the end, engage with your

audience by discussion, ask for realistic feedback, try to avoid depending on visual aids, people have to do lots of communication with people to be a good communicator, and study foundations of nonverbal communication (Deep Patel, 2019).challenges the business challenges of Ravelry banning Trump supporters in knitting community as have many bad problems as it should be as important a have in-kind organization political donation which the United States is coming up now. Ravelry business community will be banned to give any positive aspect comments to the GOP nominee, in Trump policies, and the Trump administration. People will have a wrong view of reality in many hundreds of millions of crafters who will be live in the images, discussion, pro-democrat words, patterns, and projects are welcome to rampant people all the time. Craft people in the knitting community will get to see many comments, projects, posts, and patterns about Banning Trump and will never see good views but see only the bad perspective view to the Trump administration. So, Ravelry are forcing their self-censorship to give cyberbullies be a winner, some users and few people will leave Ravelry of this banned policy, and most people will stay in the community as always and adapt their behavior after all. Because, Ravelry users still want to continue helping their organization projects, using Ravelry service, selling their products, and still want to see many new upcoming patterns things in the real life. Extending the censorship of the knitting continuum and some of Ravelry who are leaving the community cannot really solve the community problem after they are leaving. Because the Ravelry community is free of cost, people do not have lots of options, and cannot expect and complain as much as they want from this website as a paid community (Leslie Price, n.d.).

Trump's signature problem might good to be the realistic and symbolic bound wall to his war to pause people from crossing the southern border legally in the finding of illegally and asylum in find of starting a brand-new better life in the United States. Critics definitely see Trump's poor communication skills as a manifestation of white supremacy. From Trump's allies on that problem, anyway it is not about a racing game, but it is related to an influx of important citizens who will be used for the economy, the healthcare system, and the public sector (Jon Healey, 2019).RecommendationCommunicating clearly is one of the most effective skills you can cultivate as a business leader. Remember to communicate using nonverbal and verbal cues. Listen carefully to what others have to say, and over-communicate in novel ways to ensure the content of the conversation sticks with the audience (Deep Patel, 2019). To conclude the meaning of the policy stated was Ravelry did not ban people who are Trump supporters in the site. but they are requesting that they keep their support of Trump and his administration of Ravelry. This is not the first time the site has acted against racist, xenophobic and white supremacist sentiment (Catherine Shu, 2019). Business owners need to seek for legal advice if they want to make sure that their business is in the right track and they might get much important helpful advice from it. (David Hill, 2019). Donald Trump should learn how to communicate with people and learning about other cultures will help him understand different perspectives of cultures is not bad as his negative thinking thinks(Miranda Marquit, n.d.). To avoid no-platforming, othering, and exclusion business challenges, CataLink should know how to communicate with people very well in associating the issue to be addressed with the emotion speaker want to elicit, pre-empt objections and address them, tell people that the proposed action is consistent with their beliefs, explicitly detail what it would look like if they go in the direction you want them to and you need to finish with asking people to question.


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