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Philippines: Investing In Science And Technology

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On the 11th of March, 2020 the World Health Organization or WHO announced the declaration of COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Living in this current situation that demands beyond our total human capacity in terms of health care responses need to have more attention and focus for the shared common good of all. With that, we should consider investing and venture more in the continuous sprouting of new developments on Science and Technology. As the country, the Philippines, is now experiencing a global health crisis it gives us a vivid understanding of what the government should be doing on the aspect of Science and Technology. Some may believe that it is unnecessary and inconsequential for the headway of one’s progress of the country. However, I must say that Philippines should invest more on Science and Technology. Why? This is to strengthen its two focal facets: health care system, and Research and Development (R&D) capacity. Moreover, these two crux could become a potent tool on nation-building like ameliorating the socio-economic progress that can eventually mold the country’s image as a competitive nation in the global arena.

Life in today’s era might be complex because of the advancements of science and technology throughout the past to modern civilizations. However, the complexity of such progressions indicate that we are upgrading and escalating in a way that we become more resilient and accommodating with the challenges and provocations of the health care system and Research and Development or R&D. Hence, it is just to say the we need to finance and spend more on science and technology for the reason that it helps to heighten and build-up capacity in terms of the health care system and Research and Development in the country. According to (, 2019) the expansions on medical field have allowed medical doctors and practitioners to better evaluate, diagnose and treat their patients in an accurate manner depending on the patient’s needs. Similarly, scientists and other agents on science have the faculties of discovering new viruses that have the potential to cause health crisis and contain it promptly. By this means, they could create vaccines and other therapeutics for the treatment of the newly emerged disease. For this unremitting progress of technology in the medical horizon, numerous lives have been protected, and the total quality of life remains to advance over time. One of the foremost benefits of integrating new innovations and evolution into medicine is improved quality of life. Furthermore, on the report of (, 2019) technologies like better patient’s care systems, minimal surgical procedure and comfortable scanning apparatus help the patient to recovery in no time. Through the persistent use of technology in medical research, scientists were able to detect viruses in a cellular level and develop anti-bodies for the treatment. All of this could only be done and achieved if we undoubtedly invest in science and technology for a positive outcome.

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Economic growth is a key indicator of knowing how well the country is thriving and or surviving. Presently, we are experiencing an economic crisis brought by the effects of the pandemic. The economy has been subject to the economic and financial freeze, and its chief arms were affected extensively resulting to the paralysis of its major movements that includes production, importation, and even small to medium enterprises (SMEs) activities. Ergo, it is true to say that investing in Science and Technology can really support on nation-building like socio-economic progress. As stated by (, 2018), this is the reason why the government is now outspreading all its initiatives and efforts to contact with the private sector, enlightening that Science and Technology undertakes a massive and relevant role in socio-economic progress with a long-term impact for the country’s economic buildout. Why is it so valuable to invest in science and technology? It is because it tolerates a state’s corporations and residents to gain from innovations produced in other states and allow them to catch-up or even surpass the standards. Another thing is, with science and technology; we can improve our productivity for existing firms in industry, agriculture and of course services significantly. If we don’t embrace the relentless change in science and technology, we will be left behind by our neighboring countries and there is a possibility that our economy will gradually fall if no actions were taken. That is why the government should increase its funding on science and technology to have a competitive advantage as well as to help in nation-building.

In an extremely competitive and globalized world economy settings, science and technology innovation and strategy–oriented competitiveness are the most important factors for nation state not only to strengthen their global attractiveness but also to attain sustainable long-term growth. Likewise, in the Philippines we should also be flexible and adaptive in investing in science and technology owing the fact that it makes the country globally competitive in such field. According to (Philippine News Agency, 2019) an official of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) said that the Philippines needs to rise up investment expenditure in science and technology to shoot production growth as it prepares for the so-called Asian Century. (2019) describes Asian Century as a dominant role that Asia is likely to play in the 21st century due to its growing economy and demographic drifts. Given that Philippines looks like a tourist destination, with limited offers in terms of commerce- much less for science and technology. As reported in (, 2017) the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) goals to transform this image of the Philippines and leverage its geographical location by making the country a center of excellence and excellence scientific activity. This could only be possible if the government will choose to fund the science and technology. What if there is no enough attention to this kind of thing? The point there is, the administration should have a full and comprehensive understanding of the future positive result in capitalizing the science and technology department of our country- the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

We are striving in an ever-changing society where science and technology has a vast horizon of developments that could be a potent device for progress and growth of one’s country. Investment in the aspect of science and technology is a great gateway for accepting newly-developed medicines, techno-materials, innovations and alike. There is no doubt that investing in science and technology is no waste at all. In fact, myriad of the countries who are spending more than 2% of its GDP made an impression that they are improving in terms of Research and Development (R&D) capacity that could be lead to a better health care system. Medical practitioners were able mitigate the problems in the field of health care and were able to diagnose and cure patients with accurate treatment with the help of science and technology innovations. Additionally, the result of spending more on science and technology will not be neglected such as; could aid the country’s social-economic status quo that is vital in nation-building. With substantial investment, the Philippines could compete with other nations for the fact that Filipinos are undeniably intelligent, innovative and full of overflowing creative minds. Thus, Philippines should allocate more funds and resources in science and technology. Why doubt if there is a great result? Why hesitate if it is for the common good? Why not we spend supplementary budget for the improvement of science and technology? At the end, it is for the country, it is for the people, it is for the Filipinos.

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