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Pop Culture: Developments, Recycling and Revitalizing

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Pop can be defined as the usual way of life of Americans. It refers to the popular culture that at least all Americans agree to. It is concerned with what people eat, drink, listen to , watch on TV and even what they read. Pop culture became popular to American because of the effect of immigrants who came in form Europe, Africa and other continents. The different media through which pop culture is manifested for instance Television, movie and music are responsible for its spread. Pop culture has its simplicity that brings democracy and it is liked many hence its spread was easy.

Pop culture started in America 2 centuries ago with newspapers and novels featuring prominently in the media industry. In the 18 century pop culture had improved to a larger extent as expressed amongst others using the American flag which became flamboyant. The 19th century saw the pop culture take over the society. It has been referred by some people as the century of mass man or the American century. By 1920s technology had taken pop culture to a higher level with radio bonding most Americans and going to movies was a common phenomenon everywhere in America.

Technology and migration made pop culture spread to other parts like Europe, Japan and Africa. The Japanese held a stereotype that real Americans are those who first symbolized pop for instance cowboys and sexpots. The French like the American movie stars of the 40s and 50s. America’s imagery culture is also found in Italy where it has been recycled in furniture and also paintings by French artists. Pop has influenced people’s lives in other parts of the world as seen through copying and mimicking features such as music, movies, dressing and many other aspects of pop culture.

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People like pop because it exists in a free market and everybody has access to the various aspects of the culture in the society form cartoons of little children to comedies and movies for adults. There is a lot of seriousness in pop ideas as portrayed in the society. It is easy to listen to pop, watch it and even think about it. It has its unique enthusiasm that attracts many people.

Pop has been criticized by old intellectuals. Some of them argue that it does not have the theoretical capacity to be considered good. They argue that good art has been destroyed by pop. That there was sophistication in the creation of kitsch. The intellectuals accept pop in irony and say that kitsch is amusing and not threatening. The irony in the intellectual acceptance of pop started to decline in the 1970s. Critics are therefore not appreciative of the popular culture in America because of the perceived influence on peoples lives.

Developments in pop culture concerns things like education where students are now pursuing studies in American culture and are developing careers in pop. American pop culture has been recycled in countries such as Italy with features such as imagery by Italian furniture designers. Pop culture is now revitalizing itself in new ways for instance self reference where situation comedy characters have made reference to cartoons which are still features in the pop culture. This is an era where pop pays much more than in the past and celebrities have become so many because of the development of pop culture in America.

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