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The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks which links all the computers across the globe. “This leads us to another concept that has been augmented by the popularity of the Internet, and that is ‘helping the buyer to buy’” (Charlesworth, 2010, p.15). The World Wide Web never sleeps and so does the internet which is available 24/7. The Internet has also grown exponentially over the years and has vast untapped uses. “Internet and its graphical interface, the World Wide Web (WWW), are key components of an electronic commerce initiative that is playing an ever-increasing role in the future of the global marketplace” (Nezamabad, 2011, p.1784). It also benefits marketers by removing ‘Brick and Mortar’ businesses which means a traditional way of business that deals with customers face-to-face in an office. Moreover, it creates unprecedented opportunities for marketers. Other than that, internet marketing results are measurable and accurate allowing digital marketers to specify the type of internet marketing tool to attract customers. The Internet provides many advantages such as empowering small businesses, succeeding in marketing, targeting specific customers, and creating different types of marketing approaches.

The Internet has an empowering effect on online marketing for small businesses by equalizing the playing field between large and small businesses despite their size, manpower, and available resources. According to Yurovskiy (2014, p.6), the Internet also extends the market reach and increases the operational efficiency of small and medium enterprises. Besides that, the internet creates a fair and square environment where marketing has been modified in a way that even small businesses can promote on a much larger scale (Yurovskiy, 2014, p.6). For example, by opting for the ‘Brick and Mortar’ method, marketers will not be able to advertise their products across the board. However, by choosing the internet as a medium for marketing, marketers will surely earn some profit. Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnston, Shah Alam & Fikry (2012, p.20) claimed that store growth increases can be seen remarkably. Marketing online enables store growth at a much quicker rate than traditional marketing or retail businesses. This is possible because major media networks may identify those businesses via online channels and report that particular business to consumers. Internet marketing gives a chance to nearly any business no matter its size, to grow and have the same potential as larger businesses.

Subsequently, the internet can be used as a medium to obtain success in marketing. The Internet provides a greater resource than the traditional way of advertising (Yazdanifard, Venpin, Wan Yusoff & Rabiul Islam, 2011, p.2). For example, an alternative that is offered is E-mail which is used to transfer text and multimedia messages specifically to a group of consumers whereas a newsgroup is referred to as electronic conferencing leading to the development of ideas and also worldwide networking opportunities. Moreover, the internet also enables high-speed file transfer which is known as File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (Yazdanifard, Venpin, Wan Yusoff & Rabiul Islam, 2011, p.2). File Transfer Protocol acts as a virtual fax and is efficient compared to the traditional way of mailing. Other than that, advertising through the Internet helps target specific customers by attending to their needs (Nezamabad, 2011, p.1787). Besides the emailing capabilities and high-speed file transferring provided by the internet, customers will be able to specify what they want by obtaining more information through interactive marketing. By utilizing the internet, marketers will be able to save costs and advertise freely to gain profit; eventually, marketers will succeed in marketing.

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Furthermore, the internet removes geographical barriers and spans across the world. So, the Internet enables extensive global reach and lowers the cost of marketing (Yurovskiy, 2014, p.6). However, due to the huge cost of traditional media, advertising on a global level was impossible for small businesses and can only be achieved by huge multinational corporations but since advertising online is cost-effective, the internet has enabled smaller businesses to benefit from this kind of reach. No longer considering geographical barriers as a limitation, internet marketing reaches a wider audience spectrum (Yurovskiy, 2014, p.7). Internet marketing has brought the world closer allowing businesses from one corner of the world market to another as if they are just one step away. Geographical distances do not matter anymore with Internet marketing which facilitates businesses to reach and interact with targeted customers efficiently than traditional marketing could do. Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnston, Shah Alam & Fikry (2012, p.21) identified that the Internet also enables purchases to be made from anywhere in the world instead of traveling to another location where that business resides. Thus, having a global market reach means potentially having customers around the globe without the limitations of traditional media or geographic boundaries.

Last but not least, the internet with its vast untapped resources provides marketers with various types of marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them (Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnston, Shah Alam & Fikry, 2012, p.25). SEO is a fundamental internet marketing technique that optimizes a business’ website by removing all the unnecessary stuff that stands in the way of traffic reaching that particular website. Thus, the website is made more search engine friendly such that whenever a keyword is typed by the user, they will be directed to this website. Next is E-mail marketing (Athshaya & Rungta, 2016, p.32). This method is considered effective because email is used for sending promotional messages to internet users and is one of the most rampant ways for businesses to gain customers. Having higher response rates and lower costs turns E-mail marketing into an invaluable tool in Internet marketing. Moreover, affiliate marketing is also one of them (Nosrati, Karimi, Mohammadi & Malekian, 2013, p.59). Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a company rewards certain affiliates with its marketing efforts for each visitor or client. For example, the advertisements played on YouTube are adapted by this marketing such as when an internet user watches the advertisement, the uploader of that particular video will be rewarded by the company itself.

In conclusion, the internet is a good tool for marketing and marketers have to fully utilize it for their benefit. Creating a diversified approach to Internet marketing, targeting specific customers, enhancing success in marketing, and enabling the empowerment of small businesses are some of the benefits that the Internet provides marketers. Marketers will be able to increase their sales as geographical constraints do not hold them back anymore. Internet is also available at a lower cost which everyone can benefit from. Internet marketing is much more cost-effective compared to traditional mass media marketing and also does not require large sums of investments as businesses in the past have done with mass media marketing. Therefore, success can be brought to any size of business with the simple condition that they have internet access. Looking at how fast the world is advancing and with the cutting-edge technology that currently it has, soon internet marketing will rule the marketing sector.

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