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Practical Experience of Evaluating Human Resources Recruitment Workflow during Internship

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The concept of human resources recruitment process

The recruitment process is crucial to every business endeavors. This will determine the kind of people who will fill in the right job so he must be the best person to do the job descriptions based from the person qualifications. Almost all organizations said that people are their important assets therefore, they have to do the right thing in hiring them that truly they are the best persons found for the job. Hence, any organization has to use the organized selection process to finding the right employee from the pool of candidates. In most cases, interview is done in a rushed or even in a panic mode especially when the best employee has quits his job. When you need an employee, plan carefully that his potentials come out or surface during the selection and hiring process (Superstone, 2010).

The strategy for hiring employees includes plan that eventually includes the strategy, budget, proven selection system and the documentation and measuring system. Organization should begin the recruitment process with strategy. This should be considered in the mission statement for all the organization hiring endeavors. This should be a timing issue in the strategy like comparing the strategy when you want urgent replacement of employees versus hiring employees for additional jobs. Included in the strategy is the resource allocation and the plan who will do the hiring process like the HR Manager of the company and in case there is none, would you resort to a third-party hiring or do you require professional services (Vareta, 2001). In case recruitment is done in the organization, the manager should know who will be accountable for the outcome of the selection and recruitment process. It is of vital importance that during interview the compensation issues should be taken into considerations. Most candidates would like to listen to this issue because the compensation package or the fringe benefits attract the candidates for the job post. In some cases, the compensation package determines the immediate hiring of the candidate (Recruitment Process, 2012).

Steps in the Recruitment Process

1) Selection of Candidates:

Generally, there are various ways organizations select their employees. They are internal sourcing, external sourcing and third party sourcing.

a) Internal Sourcing

Internal sourcing is getting or taking in employees within the organization to fill in the vacant position. There are many advantages for internal resourcing. Basically, it is less costly because the newly promoted or transferred employees need little training and orientation for the new assignment or post. Recruiting employees may either be upward promotion or lateral re-assignment. This kind of resourcing also saves the company from advertising expenses and there are no more efforts on the side of the company for background check.

b) External Sourcing

External sourcing of employees means hiring candidates coming from outside the organization. Company on this regard uses recruitment tools that vary especially with the use of multi-media. Other tools include job boards, print and broadcast media, trade publication and the recent ones are the use of electronics like the social media, internet and other e-advertisements. The tools provide fast and reliable information dissemination and facilitate the recruitment process. Through external sourcing, candidates may have the experience needed for the present job and the new hired employees that do not have previous experiences can offer fresh ideas learned in the university. In addition, external sourcing is mostly used when there are no qualified candidates within the organization. It is advisable however that a certain company should know exactly what does he need especially enumerating the job descriptions of the present vacant post.

c) Third Party Sourcing

This type of recruiting the employees involved third party to find the right candidate. Usually, it is the agency that looks for candidates with the best qualification to fill in the vacant post. The agency has many tools to attract candidates like giving offers of improved salary or compensation to a more flexible benefit of package offering. Meanwhile, the company pays a reasonable amount to the agency once the company coming from a particular agency takes the candidate.

2) Interviewing Employees

Interviewing or pre-selection is a preliminary activity of the company in finding a candidate. Here, the company HR reviews the job candidate resume and conduct preliminary interview through the candidate own application letter and curriculum vitae and in some cases, the candidate resume. Doing the interview meanwhile to the candidate does not mean only looking for the best information from the candidate resume but it should be followed with questions that require answers that are needed in a real-life scenario. Questions should be situational that require the candidate to apply them in the case that he is in real situation in the workplace. The interviewer meanwhile, has to take down important key points from the answers of the candidate and evaluate them according to their practicability and applicability once the situations are used in the real situation.

Meanwhile, after the interview, the interviewer has to compare his notes and the important points taken from the candidate resume finding out if there points missed. The interviewer has to select candidates based on their competence in answering the questions. Interviewer should have to conclude that candidate who does not ask questions are either shy and or not interested with the business.

3) Orientation and Induction

The orientation and induction process in many organizations are conducted simultaneously. In this phase of the recruitment and selection method, the new employee is introducing to the company vision, mission and goals. In addition, it explained to new employee the culture of the organization/company and what the company expects from its employees. Depending on the position of the new employee, sometimes orientation and induction runs for one week. This is one way of the organization to acclimatize its new employee of the culture of the organization so that he is well adjusted already when he assumes his role or new task.

Methodology and Implementation

There are many tools in collecting data or information from the fields. In this report, in order to determine the Human Resources Recruitment Processes at Bin Ham Group of Companies, the researcher used observation and interview with one of the HR specialists where the research happened to work as intern student. In addition, the researcher produced small portion of related literature as regards the chosen topic.

For eight (8) weeks internship training, the researcher was assigned different tasks related to the responsibilities of the Human Resources Department. On the first week, the student was introduce to the different operational activities of the company but most orientations and inductions focused on the functions and roles of HR in the recruitment and selection of employees in case the company needs new staff or employee. Additionally, the intern was coached on how choose the best CV's the met the requirements. They were short-listed and communications were sent to them for the scheduled interview. In fact, what is happening inside the organization especially at the HR department is an example of real-life's world situation within an organization. Furthermore, the intern was mentored how screen the resume's or CVs of applicants for short-listing. In many cases, the intern was present during the series of interviews. Here, the intern knew that when the applicant did not make it in the interview, the company still sent him/her regret letter explaining why he did not make it. In case the candidate made it to the final interview, a congratulatory is sent to him/her with an offer letter. Other roles of the intern include organizing in database the names of all applicants and their valuable information for future reference.

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During the internship however, I observed one process of recruitment that I believed is very traditional and it needs tremendous improvement (findings though will be discussed in the next section of this report). However, I used triangulation as well to validate my findings. This I did after producing a small section of related literature in this report, observation of the HR recruitment processes at the HR department of the company and finally, an interview with one of the HR specialists who happened to be my supervisor/mentor as intern (Ms. Mariam Al Bloushi, HR Specialist, Bin Ham Group of Companies, Abu Dhabi).

Specifically, my observation focused on the steps/actual process of human resources selection processes and methods by HR department at Bin Ham Group of Companies. Meanwhile, my few questions to Ms. Mariam focused generally on their recruitment processes. In the last section of this paper, I will analyze the observations I made, the responses of Ms. Mariam and I will compare them with my literature review.

In collecting the information however, my constraint was time because I observed that all the people were busy each day and there is little time for me to ask question. This is one reason why I did mostly observation in collecting my information and data. Fortunately, on my last day, my supervisor asked me if I have some confusion in mind or questions to ask before I end my internship. It was an opportunity for me to ask her questions and she thought I was still asking questions related to my internship. To analyze my questions, they sufficed my confusion regarding my internship and at the same time, it answered my question, which is worth including in my internship report.

Results, evaluation and recommendation

The previous literature says that in the selection of candidates, the first step of the recruitment process, the company resorts to internal sourcing, external sourcing or third party sourcing. In the case of Bin Ham Group, the applicants knew the vacant posts through the newspapers. Interested applicants sent them directly to the office of Sheikh Bin Ham who together with his people selects the potential candidates. Those chosen or shortlisted applicants will be sent to HR department for final selection. At the HR of the company, the shortlisted applicants undergo now series of interview, which is normal to all companies here and probably abroad. Interviews last for three times until the final candidate is selected. Once hired, the employee and the company signed the contracts and agreed with other psychological contracts. Basic to all organization, on the first week of the employee, he will undergo induction and orientation where he will be introduced to the operations and activities of the organization. In addition, the candidate will be have to familiarize himself with the culture of the organization.

Evaluation based on observation

Based from the intern observation, in recruitment of Bin Ham Group employees, the traditional method is still used. We call this also as external sourcing where candidates to vacant post/s are sourced outside of the organization. Bin Ham used newspaper or traditional media to attract applicants. There are cases though that promotion comes from within the organization, which according to literature is an example of external sourcing. With my eight (8) weeks stay at the company, I did not know of any single case where applicants where looked or searched from recruitment agency or literature calls it 'third party sourcing'. The recruitment process of Bin Ham used traditional method, which means that it does not maximize the utilization of technology such as the use of social media or new media for recruitment. The company is not still heavily reliant to modern way of recruitment especially with the support of new media. The researcher believes thought that there is nothing wrong with using the traditional media like the newspaper in sourcing human resources. However, social media has the broadest scope and it can reach all the four nooks of the world. It implies that had Bin Ham used the new media, it could have sourced the best and most qualified applicant whose qualifications best match the job descriptions. Newspapers may have limited scope and may have been read by aspirants nearby. With the use of internet, the company could have attracted applicants from all over the world. Also, internal sourcing for the company is the best method for recruitment because it will reduce the recruitment costs, training and education of the newly hired employee. With internal sourcing it would be sort of motivation to promote people within the organization.

  • Evaluation based interview (an interview transcription with Ms. Mariam Al Bloushi, HR Specialist - Bin Ham Group of Companies)

HR Recruitment and Selection Process

  • Bin Ham recruitment and selection process

“Bin Ham believes that recruitment and selection process is crucial in staffing employees because it would determine the kinds of people that provide services on behalf of the organization. Most of the hired candidates at Bin Ham are professionals and the organization prepared professional criteria for choosing candidates…”

  • Benefits of online recruitment to the organization

Online recruitment is not practiced at Bin Ham because it is costly according to the office of Sheikh Bin Ham. Meaning, online recruitment has worldwide coverage electronically in applying for new positions, which they deemed, fit for their qualifications and experience, yet when candidate is sourced abroad, the company will have numerous expenses in coming here (plane, ticket, interview cost, etc).

  • How vacant posts are announced

Vacant posts are announced in leading newspapers in the country like GulfNews, 7Days, The National, etc. Applicants send resumes/CVs to address written in the ads. The address is the office of Sheikh Bin Ham, owner and founder of the said company.

The observation of the intern/researcher has been validated by the response of Ms. Mariam Al Bloushi. Truly, the organization utilized newspapers mostly to source applicants for vacant posts because accordingly, the company found it costly to resort to outsourcing. Also, Bin Ham found internet sourcing as costly as well.

Finally, it is my observation that the HR department of Bin Ham does not function absolutely since it does not have the role to screen the applicants because it just waited for people screened already by the office of Sheikh Bin Ham. For me, there is nothing wrong with this because Sheikh Bin Ham is the owner and Chairman hence he believes he is accountable for what he is doing. He does not answer for anybody else once his decisions are found not sound.


Today, the maximum utilization of technology becomes a competitive advantage of an organization but not to the belief of Bin Ham Group of Companies. Although, Bin Ham is a productive company and profitable company, yet the researcher believes that it would be progressive had it employ the utilization of technology especially in its recruitment method. For instance, applications to any possible posts can be sourced through internet because it reached the widest scope. Bin Ham strategic situation is its full utilization of the advancement of Information Technology to create competitive advantage even in the selection of best human resources that have the best fit with the job descriptions. Additionally, Bin Ham should believe in the capacity of its HR department manage effectively the human resources. When these recommendations are carried, definitely the company can recruit the best people, which would increase the overall productivity of the organization. This is in turn will increase Bin Ham Group of Companies revenues and subsequently profitability.

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