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Robotic Treatment Of Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a disease causes due to mutation in cells and damaged the whole immune system. There are a lot of methods and treatments are used to cure it. And one of them is the use of robots to treat the cancerous part. in it, following are used as nanotechnology, prostate treatment, cyber knife robotics etc Cancer It is a disease that causes the cells to divide uncontrollably and results into tumors, damaged immune system and other impairment that can...
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Prostate Cancer: Prevention, Therapies And Treatment Methods

In the National Archaeological Museum of Lisbon, Portugal, a mummified middle-aged male of ancient Egypt is stored. Not long ago, scientists studied this corpse and found that there are many high-density round tumors between the pelvis and the lumbar spine, which is a typical manifestation of prostate cancer. Moreover, his prostate cancer has spread and spread throughout the body. From ancient Egypt to the present, more than 2,000 years have passed. Today, prostate cancer is already one of the most...
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Prostate Cancer: Androgen Receptor Variants in Circulation and Ar-V on Circulating Tumour Cells

Introduction/Background Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in men worldwide (1). Targeting androgen receptor (AR) signalling had been mainstay/cornerstone of treatment for advanced prostate cancer for many decades, due to prostate cancer dependence on AR signalling in all stages of disease. Using androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) via either surgical or medical castration, typically with using a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) analogue, there is a response rate of >90%. However, despite testosterone suppression, these patients frequently progress...
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Prostate Cancer: Drug Discovery and Development

Introduction Drug discovery and development involve a number of stages to develop a novel drug, therefore a reduction in time frame new approach is developed which is repurposing of existing drugs. Till to date, the importance of drug repurposing is significantly increased to identify new use of the pre-existing drug. Repurposed of the drug can be achieved by two methods, one is unintentionally and another by systemically (Parvathaneni, Kulkarni, Muth and Gupta, 2019). Drug repurposing is one type of drug...
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Categorizing Breast And Prostate Cancer By Selecting Features Subsets Based On Support Vector Machine-Recursive Features Elimination

ABSTRACT Rise in deaths due to prostate and breast cancer are expected to continue in future. These diseases are the most common types of cancer for men and women across the globe. Machine Learning can be used to drop the number of deaths by these diseases with early detection. One of them is the classification of data of prostate cancer and breast cancer. The Cancer data which has been used has a variety of features, but not all features are...
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Prostate Cancer: The Diagnostic Imaging of Prostate Masses

1. Introduction. With cancer affecting 1 in 7 men in South Africa (SA) during their lifetime prostate cancer (PCa) is the no. 1 cancer that affects SA men, It is estimated that 1 in 18 SA men will develop prostate cancer according to the National Cancer Registry of South Africa. (NCR-SA, 2014).⁠ Prostatic adenocarcinoma (typically called “prostate cancer” or “prostate carcinoma”), a malignancy of prostate gland epithelial cells, accounts for all but a tiny fraction of prostatic malignancies. (NCR-SA, 2014)...
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Molecular Characterization Of Prostate Cancer In Middle Eastern Population

The ability to predict disease progression and clinical outcome is a major issue in the management of patients’’ with prostate cancer (PCA). Currently, predicting disease metastasis and clinical progression are among the main challenges facing physicians in the management of PCA. Currently, several underlying molecular alterations suggested to reflect clonal heterogeneity are well characterized in PCA within North American and Western populations, including ERG, PTEN and SPINK1 among others [1]. Gene rearrangements between TMPRSS2, which is an androgen receptor-regulated gene...
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Report About Prostate Cancer: PET in Radiotherapy Planning

Introduction: [bookmark: _Hlk3485638]Imaging modality plays a great role in treatment planning. Positron emission tomography PET has been used in treatment planning in the delineation of Gross target volume GTV which is considered as the most important component in treatment planning. Also, PET Accuracy in the delineation of GTV impact on dose delivery to tumor tissue while delivering a low dose rate to healthy tissue or critical structure surrounding the tumor. PET has great sensitivity and specificity in the delineation of...
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Prostate Cancer: Clinical Trials on Drug Application

Introduction Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world.1 Androgen deprivation therapy is the main treatment for advanced disease. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is a temporary measure but can accelerate osteoporosis, and bone metastases are common in advanced prostate cancer and are associated with significant morbidity, including pain. All patients eventually develop castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). CRPC patients had a poor prognosis, with a median survival of about 18 months.2 Clearly, new drugs are needed to...
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The Role Of Androgen Receptor Therapy In Advanced Prostate Cancer

Introduction This essay will seek to discuss the role of androgen receptor therapy in advanced prostate cancer. Prostate cancer and the androgen receptor (AR) will be discussed, namely the origins of androgen receptor targeted therapy, its development and role in treatment of advanced prostate cancer today, and the future of targeted therapy. Androgen receptor targeted therapy is utilised in advanced prostate cancer to improve morbidity and mortality. The role of AR targeted therapies have evolved over the past 80 years...
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