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Role Model Can Do It All

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It is important that everyone has a role model because having a role model can help you in the future with life problems; because having the role model means they either help you through or they teach you to dodge world problems.

In 8th grade I was a regular guy until basketball season came around and I was the odd one out because of my skill and love for the game. After always practicing before, after and during school to make the team tryouts came along and I tried out. I then made the team because of my hard work and dedication. During practice everyone had to get used to playing with each other so we ran into some ups and downs such as making good plays and the downs such as not having the greatest communication because we are still new to playing with each other in a real game situation. Later on during the season I would be put onto the starting lineup because I have shown coach that I am good enough to be on it and after he put me on the line up we started to get more rebounds and make more plays faster than the other line ups we had on the team. After all of our regular season games the tournament came around and we played it with all our hearts dropping even points around all the players on the team, even with most of our team struggling with injuries we ended the tournament the 3 overall team.

The lesson of the story is that everyone should have a role model to help us succeed in our own future and to always believe in yourself and never put yourself down. “A lot of times our greatest strength is our greatest weakness”, – said Nash. Steve Nash’s experience when no one was cheering for him or when no one believed in him when he first got into the NBA. motivated him to get himself noticed by the fans and other teams, so he worked hard and got what he deserved, Nash also had a bunch of role models already in the NBA so he was looking up to them and how they play to make himself better in as many ways as possible. “I’ll face it with a smile on my face, and ill be a winner one of these days”.

Nash and I are similar because we both revolve around believing in yourself and having a role model in the same area of what we would like to do in the future. Like when Nash thought he wasn’t good enough in practice because one of his teammates was better than him, he decided to work harder and get better, and so did I, when I would run into people who are better than me, I would practice even more on what I’m struggling with the most In basketball.

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We are not similar because obviously in the book Steve Nash the main character was going into something big known as the NBA and was going against other famous players and teams and all the fans watching and criticizing him and me personally just made the grade 7-8 basketball team which is not as intense.

This doesn’t change my mind about my topic that everyone should have a role model because if a regular person like me can relate to an NBA player over just having role models in something you like to do, reinforces my topic even more.

My interviewee related to the topic because my topic is a big thing in the world now and everyone needs one to succeed in life. My interviewee was mostly similar to the topic because they also have a role model in there life and that’s why they succeeded in most parts of their life. “I think that everyone should have a role model because it can help mostly everyone succeed in whatever they are doing in the future”. Their experience doesn’t change my mind about my topic because it shows how everyone grew up making choices in there life and having a role model to help them grow up the right way.

My topic relates to the real world because there are people in the world that have a choice to find a role model in there line of work or try to succeed in life without one which people can also do but is a little bit tougher that having a role model to look up to when you need help. Everyone in the world either grew up with a role model in there home or on social media, but either way that person had someone to look up to, to help them succeed in there life. On the other hand, some people in the world like to start their own journey and not have a role model so they can say that they did whatever they did on there own with no help which is also fine like i said previously but is harder. This experience reinforces my topic because if my topic can connect to more than half of the world about the importance of having a role model then that would make me want to talk about the importance even more.

In conclusion, everyone in the world should have a role model or at least someone they can look up to because they can help you personally go through times in you’re life where you would need someone to help you or they can help motivate yourself to reach higher expectations on whatever you’re doing if it is basketball like Steve Nash’s situation or if its something else.

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