Semantic Analysis of Coca-Cola Advertisement: Critical Essay

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In this essay, I am going to do a semantic analysis of the Coca-Cola advertisement. In this ad, Coca-Cola introduces a new flavor of the drink called ‘Coca-Cola Zero Calorie Cherry’. A woman holding a bottle of Coca-Cola and there is clearly written ‘Coca-Cola Cherry with Zero Sugar’ in the ad in white color.


‘Coca-Cola Cherry with Zero Sugar’ is presented at the top left of the appendix with a simple white font - easy to read and directly emphasizes the advertised product.


The label on the bottle reinforces the information provided by the text at the top left, with the subtle difference that 'zero calories' are added. Coca-Cola branding is a popular house style in companies.


At the bottom right of the photo, is the famous Coca-Cola brand, which re-emphasizes the importance of branding in this brand.

‘Taste the Feeling’

Below is a photo of the Coca-Cola brand showing that this message is important to the product, really 'taste' the popular advertising slogan used by Coca-Cola that effectively enhances the level of trust in what is shown in the ad.

The Woman

Across the bottle, a picture of a smiling woman looks like someone giving us a Cherry Coke. Although we can clearly see a woman a few clues elevate her appearance and the relationship between her and the man who received the bottle. First of all, her smile is wide and real, she is obviously happy with the natural instincts that make her a person who can be fun to spend time with, she also enjoys praising and sharing a Cherry Coke herself. The suggested story is that this is a product she enjoys and is glad she was accepted by an unknown recipient. Other clues are long hair that looks good – she is a person who cares about her appearance. Her arm is bare and she looks like she is wearing a vest top, which shows confidence in her body and her appearance, but does not mean that she is attractive. There is a view of youth without age specificity, which allows the viewer to apply his or her thoughts on the possible age of the woman. Her nails look good with a bottle, neatly trimmed and painted red. This reinforces the ideas already made: the image is of a woman, who cares about her appearance and is probably very attractive, and she has some kind of relationship with the recipient of the bottle - very good, maybe romantic, she is romantic, happy, confident. The red cherry on the nails also echoes the taste of Cherry Coke, the color of which cannot be separated from the usual Coca-Cola. So that’s the motive of their first cherry-flavored fizzy drink.

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The forearm can only be assumed to be masculine; the shallow depth does not allow for a clear visual indication of this, although the size of the hand is a factor associated with a slight darkening of the arm which can be the result of the hand. Conditions to lighten or show black arm hair. Nails are the point of difference because they are not painted compared to a woman's hand, a loose belt wedding ring can be made on the left – this style of ring can be worn by a man and emphasizes the idea that we look at communication between spouses. The hand reigns in the lower left corner of the ad without overcoming the image, placed on the Coke bottle receiver in the viewing area and made to identify his point, making it a logical extension that we should enjoy Cherry Coke equally. The way is that trying a product will not only be fun but will also lead to a desirable life and the approval of our closest friends.


The placement of each language message helps us to direct the reader to the ad itself: the eye is drawn in the upper left corner and the words ‘Coca-Cola Cherry with Zero Sugar’ before labeling the bottle and ending with standard branding, bottom right with the corresponding slogan. This has the effect of moving away from something new (or at least unusual) Cherry Coke Zero to a safe familiarity with the Coca-Cola brand and motto. The result of this is to establish trust among consumers who may be familiar with Cherry Coke Zero but unfamiliar with and enjoy other Coca-Cola products.


There are two sides to the ad. The image in the ad shows a hand from the bottom right to the Cherry Coke bottle in the center. The viewer is placed in the viewing area of the owner of this hand, it is immediately suggested that access to the bottle ourselves may be something we would like to do. The Coke bottle itself and the hand we hold are the only part of the image that is effective in directing our attention to the product being sold. This result reflects the common values portrayed in photographs and films and the style commonly used in glossy magazines that reflect a life-long lifestyle. This works at the level of cultural perspective and humbly suggests that eating this product is desirable and important.


The sex ideas played here are subtle but important – Cherry Coke as a product may be more appealing to women than men, especially the zero-calorie difference, as it is assumed that women are more aware of the health and weight loss benefits of food products. In this way, they support feminism. Apart from this, the ad can reverse the common propaganda that this product of women, suggesting that all men need to do it to enjoy it, to put aside baseless prejudices and cunning and give the opportunity – they will not just be pleasantly surprised. But they will also have additional lifestyle and relationship benefits suggested within the message with the ad code. Aside from this subtle distortion, the extreme ad view is traditional and reflects the home environment among a heterosexual couple who suggest that Cherry Coke is not something to blame but a product to be enjoyed by ‘ordinary’ people.

Focus and Reality

This ad is mainly focused on people who are health conscious. Because there is clearly mentioned that the bottle is sugar-free and also has a good flavor. As beverages are not good for health so they make it clear that this will not harm the health and they targeted those people who are health conscious but wanted to drink Coca-Cola, but due to sugar quantity they are unable to do it. So, the writings in the image are directly linked with the image because they make a sugar-free drink and that’s what they wanted to show to the people that the drink is containing no more sugar and the flavor is also good as the cherry is a very tasty fruit, so they make their product more attractive with the flavor.


This was my analysis of the Coca-Cola Zero Calorie Cherry advertisement. Even though it's not that low in calories, it tastes good and isn't too spicy or too sweet. The caffeine level is also not as high as regular soda. I think this is a very good drink and I recommend it to anyone who wants something refreshing.

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