Essay on Personal Aesthetic Experience: World of Coca-Cola

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My aesthetic experience is about the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a museum that showcases the history of the Coca-Cola company dating back to 1886. During this time, a pharmacist by the name Pemberton from Atlanta created a soft drink that became popular. The museum relocated into its present facilities, the Pemberton Place, in 2007 (World of Coca-Cola, n.d). In this paper I will share my experience at the museum, my evaluation, and interpretation of the quality of what I encountered, and the relation of my encounter to the subject matter of the course.

The Facts, Evaluation and Interpretation of My Encounter

I was happy to have the chance to explore the fascinating history of my favorite beverage brand Coca-Cola on a Friday afternoon. I generated my ticket from the e-ticket kiosk and was ready for the unique experience. In the waiting area, I could hear some of my favorite Coca-Cola jingles through the speakers, which held my attention as I looked at other displays in the room. At the center of the lobby is an international display of seven sculpted wooden bottles, each depicting a different country. When my turn came to visit the exhibits, only the first 15 minutes were guided. A brief history of the Coca-Cola company was told, and I got the chance to peruse through several souvenirs. My next stop was into the fascinating screening of ‘The Happiness Factory’, a documentary about the making of Coke. After the movie was over, it was time to enter ‘The Hub’. My face lightened up when I met the infamous Coca-Cola polar bear, and I stopped for a minute to take a photo with him. The next stop was the ‘Taste It’ exhibits where guests get the chance to taste more than 60 different Coke products from around the world. Each tasting station was separated by continent. I was thrilled to see that Japan had a veggie flavor, which was quite tasty. Next up was the vault, where the ‘secret formula’ for coke is supposedly under lock and key. This secret formula has been guarded since Pemberton created it in the 19th century (World of Coca-Cola, n.d). Next was the ‘Milestones of Refreshment’ exhibit, which is a bunch of memorabilia from Coke's branding and marketing over the years. I then stopped at the bottle works where I got a glance of the bottling process. A bottle of coke is available for all guests and is picked at the exit. I also visited the massive museum’s souvenir shop, where I got my younger sibling, a Coca-Cola branded polar bear. With that unique experience, I was ready to head home.

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Evaluation and Interpretation

From a first-time visitor point of view, the World of Coca-Cola Museum is an exciting place. Apart from the impacting visuals created by some such as paintings and bottles, the cultural aspects inspired me significantly. In my interpretation, the Museum is all about showcasing to the customers and to the world, what has inspired Coca-Cola and its taste. It is not a promotion of art but the use of art to promote the company.

Relation of My Encounter to the Subject Matter of the Course

Through my aesthetic experience at the museum, I was able to immerse myself in visual art. Some of the art present at the museum include the sculpted wooded bottles at the lobby representing different countries, a stature of Pemberton mixing coke ingredients in a bowl, hand-carved bottles by David Olyman, and other artistic drawings on the walls. Through the course, I have learned how to perceive and interpret art. The two stages are generating a global impression of art and aesthetic processing (Bell, 2017). The first process included my first impression of the art. This revolved around the elements of art, namely, line, color, texture, space, light, and shape (National Gallery of Art, n.d). The second process was to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the work. This process expanded my knowledge concerning the work’s compositional features and organization.


Visiting the World of Coca-Cola Museum presented me with a unique aesthetic experience. Some of the experienced include an international display of seven sculpted wooden bottles, a stature of Pemberton, hand-carved bottles by David Olyman, the pop culture gallery, and drawings on the wall. This encounter made me immerse myself in various works of visual art.


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