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Should Genetic Engineering On Human Babies Be Allowed ?

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Everybody wants a perfect child, but not everyone can get their way. Babies were meant to be created naturally. This world is evolving drastically, heading straight for destruction and is moving closer and closer to being able to make babies exactly how the parents want them to look. Our people today have went from cross-breeding animals to really the actual custom-making of humans beings. From the looks of it, should the people of our world be scared? Not every parent is satisfied with their baby’s appearance, so scientists came up with a solution, or an idea, to this problem. They, in this cause the scientists, are letting the parents customize their baby. Scientists make this happen by interfering with the mother’s embryo genes, not knowing the horrific ending results. Genetic engineering first began in 1973 when two scientists came up with the idea of changing genetics to remove the genes and change it to another. Genetic engineering can also consist of the changing of only one base pair. There are genetic structures that replicate called plasmids which are small rings of DNA. Plasmids are capable of directing protein synthesis, and they are like chromosomal DNA. DNA is the main essential needed to carry out this procedure. Without DNA scientists would not be able to manipulate anything at all. The DNA is reduced and passed through the unborn baby. This process was created by scientists and is called Human Genetic Engineering. Our generation today, in my opinion, take advantage of most of the most wonderful things we receive. The crazy part about the whole situation is that the scientists do not fully understand the genetic enhancement of human beings completely. Scientists have not fully completed a procedure without such severe complications. Genetic engineering has not been tried nor tested on humans thus far, however, eventually it will soon to be. This procedure is very high in cost. Although it can make the parents tremendously happy, genetic engineering should not be allowed on no human babies because this process can cause major complications and there are very high risks of conflicts that may come up upon the parent or the mother’s unborn child that is living with their parents' genes.

What is the true meaning of genetic engineering? Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of the human’s genome. One of the main reasons for genetic engineering is the attachment of non existing traits to the human genome to endure the human body’s function. There are only two ways genetic engineering could possibly happen, or can take place, and that is through Somatic Genetic Modification or Germline Genetic Modification. Somatic Genetic Modification, or also referred to as S.G.M., is the adding of genes to the human cells besides using the egg or sperm cells because those are used for reproductive processes. Somatic Genetic Modification is was invented and used to cure disorders. For example, if a person had a disease caused by a defective gene, a healthy gene could, or would, be added to the affected cells to treat the harmful disorder in one’s person physical body. Somatic Genetic Engineering involves adding genes to cells or other than egg or sperm cells. Genetic engineering works since traits come from the genes in a cell while putting a new piece of DNA into a cell that can produce for a new trait. The unhealthy gene is then replaced, or added with, to a new healthier gene to help the affected cell(s) so that it could treat the malfunction. For instance, down - syndrome, Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy, and plenty other crippling conditions similar to those. This specific type of genetic engineering is also known as gene therapy. Gene therapy also help with aching bones. When it comes to Somatic Genetic Engineering, the genes that are being added or replaced cannot be passed on nor inherited to the patient’s offspring. Some people may refer genetic engineering to “synthetic human insulin “. Genetic engineering is also used to wipe out the targeted diseases that are in a human genome, or body, permanently. The results of genetic engineering can take up to years in order to be recognized. Somatic Genetic Modification can be used for the adding of protein in one’s body so that it may function more properly. The thing about Somatic Genetic Modification is that it only certain cells in the body of the human. Throughout a person’s lifespan, the procedure has to be completed multiple times due to the fact that the effects of the treatment do not last very long. Although genetic engineering could be helpful, it can be harmful as well. The repercussions of the movement of the genes are still unknown. While scientists are changing and rearranging the genes of the human’s body, they have no idea of where the working genes are being placed inside of the person’s genome.

Many of you people may be wondering, what is Germline Genetic Modification? Well, Germline Genetic Modification is the changing, or rearranging of genes in the egg cells, sperm cells, and the early embryos. Unlike Somatic Genetic Modification, Germline Genetic Modification is inheritable. The definition of the word inheritable means that the genes are being passed through from the parent to the offspring. By creating genetically modified people, human germline modification has for many years been widely considered off-limits, for both safety and social reasons. Germline Genetic Modification is used for human enhancement. This genetic engineering process has already been used on women who are what is called infertile, which means that they have complications with conceiving a child. Those women go through with that procedure, and that is because it boosts up the women’s mitochondria by helping them to reproduce a baby. In order for this to take place, the doctor must receive an egg from the first mother, the second mother, and a sperm cell from the father. Once all is completed, the changes will be able to be passed from generation to generation causing the changes in the human genome to be irreversible. Irreversible means that once the changes are made, they remain unchanged forever. Germline Genetic Modification allows the scientist, or doctor, to change the baby’s appearance rather than the baby having its own genetic appearance which are by the parents. Genetic engineering allows the parents to choose characteristics such as height, eye color, hair color, skin color, and that list goes on and on. This engineering on a baby can cause many conflicts and go wrong if this particular engineering is not done correctly at the time.

On the other hand, it gives the life form of traits that the parents want the baby to have. This genetic engineering can be misused to change the humanity of a natural baby. There can be side effects of genetic engineering such as diseases and distinctions. Parents are so blinded by having a perfect baby, but they are not realizing what really can happen to it. The scientists are injecting chemicals inside of a baby who is not even yet born. During the Germline procedure, many complications could pop up. Some of those complications consist of the child being born with two different types of mitochondria because the baby was created from three parent cells. Gene editing is very far from keeping the participant, in this case, the parent, and the embryo away out of harm's way. There have cases which consist of the lack of the usages of limbs because they are not fully developed throughout birth. Other situations that occurred was babies have been born with down syndrome, crippleness and much many more severe problems that affects the human body. The mitochondria, which is also known as the “powerhouse”, is used to store and release the appropriate amount of energy to the human body. The beneficial rate that the parent will get out of this procedure is very minimum. This means that, the parents are not always as happy as they mentally thought he or she would be due to the process carried on by the parents which was completed by the doctors. Scientists are not even that close to overcoming this complication. Test that has been already conducted on some of the babies have turned out negative and has headed straight for the worst. The techniques that our scientists, normally the doctors, use today are very inaccurate and it has terribly led to the overly widespread destruction of the human body’s genome. According to Scientist Christopher Gyngell, “ It would be highly unethical if a child was born with whose genome was edited with current techniques.” In other words, no baby that is created and brought in this world technically because that child is not considered as “natural “. Natural means, the skin, the eye color, the lips, and the type of hair the baby came out of their mother’s womb with. Any baby that is created through a certain procedure is not considered a real-life baby because it is made through science and technology, which could poorly affect the baby’s genome and it can also cause the baby’s health to deteriorate. Every baby deserves to be a natural born baby that carries on their parents’ genes. Most parents might want their child genetically engineered to develop a new gene for when the child gets older, but many prefer to be naturally developed.

Furthermore, the first genetic embryo was attempted by a team of researchers in Portland, Oregon. This procedure was led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science University. This process was carried out through changing the DNA of a massive number of single-cell embryos with the technique, CRISPR, which is used for gene editing. Gene editing obviously changed the features of the human embryos, eggs, or sperm that is early developing inside a woman.

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“In altering the DNA code of human embryos, the objective of scientists is to show that they can eradicate or correct genes that cause inherited disease, like the blood condition beta-thalassemia. The process is termed “germline engineering” because any genetically modified child would then pass the changes on to subsequent generations via their own germ cells—the egg and sperm.”

The world’s first designer baby is named Adam Nash. He is an American child born on August 29, 2000. Adam Nash was created through Germline Genetic Engineering.Adam Nash was not conceived like other babies when they first arrive from their mother’s womb. Unfortunately, Adam had a fatal genetic disorder which caused him not function as accurately as an average healthy child should. Adam remained strong and is also known for “the designer baby” and “the world’s savior sibling. Many people think of this project on this child as a miracle to today’s society.

The report basically concludes that we haven’t even begun to have a serious discussion around these issues, as a society. Nor do policymakers really understand yet what sorts of regulations and governance these techniques should require. As such, the panel recommends that “genome editing for purposes other than treatment or prevention of disease and disability should not proceed at this time.”

Unlike other countries, the United States banned Germline Genetic Modification because the genes are able to move onto the next generation. Due to the genes, by the genes being able to continue onto the next generation, it changes even though the project on the individual was genetic engineering. Genetic Engineering Technology is a threat to humanity. Genetic engineering is most likely a threat because of the disadvantages that it comes with. It uses information and technology to recreate deadly pathogens and clone humans into something they are not. It is extremely dangerous to recreate deadly pathogens to clone humans. Genetic engineering causes organisms to function differently with species,which cause the species to act oddly beyond its original character.. Recreating, or making nee, organisms out of synthetic,fake, chemicals is a disadvantage because it is dangerous to be used on humans. Scientists have been focusing on how to improve genetic engineering for those who want to change the genes of their unborn child or simply just a human’s personal appearance at together period. Genetic engineering is very highly unpredictable and this is nowhere near great at all because this unethical research contains risks. The research that is formed to conduct these experiments are also threats and economic risks in out massive human society today. Genetic engineering is an awfully high risk that the outcome of this genetic engineering may not develop correctly on the human embryo. Scientists specifically do not know how the effect of the procedures they conduct, until after the process is completed.

Furthermore, genetic engineering also can change the gender of the child that is unborn. For example if the parents want a boy, but they have a girl they can change it to whatever they want. Many people are satisfied with what they would already have, but they would rather just prefer to have a different gender than what they are given. There may be many reasons why the parents would want a boy instead of a girl or a girl instead of a boy. The parents may want a boy as a junior to be their first child already maybe because they already have a girl. Although, thousands may know that for genetic engineering there is a 50/ 50 percent chance outcome that the parents may not get what they did not ask for.

Another word for genetic engineering is is genetic manipulation. Genetic manipulation is the same thing, but except it manipulates “A US scientist said he took part in the work in China, but this kind of gene editing is banned in the United States because the DNA changes can pass to future generations and it risks harming other genes.”

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