Should We Spend Money, Resource, Effort On Saving Language?

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Now in this modern society, the world is gradually opening up and very variously countries and regions are gradually becoming together. Because of this, language has gradually become convergent. There are almost seven thousand languages around the world, but in every tow weeks, there is one language becomes perish. According to the tendency of the worldwide fashion, people nowadays are more likely to speak English or their official languages in their country or region what makes the vanishing of the languages. And that situation is also accelerating the loss of our language culture. A large number of experts are forcing to spend more money to prevent our vanishing languages. And I also strongly agree that we need to spend more efforts to protect our vanishing languages that have been passed down by many generations.

In the past two decades, linguists around the world have collected the data about vanishing languages. They have found that not only one language is spoken by no more than one hundred people, and nobody of them want to pass it to next generation as it is useless. Not only that, according to a survey on 1999, which shows 97 percent of the world's languages are spoken by just no more than 4 percent of the humans. There is an example from my home country. Although China is not in the hotspot region of endangered languages. A professor called Dr. Huang who from the institute of minority languages of Chinese Academy said, there are 129 types of languages in China, and more than half of them are no vitality. And at least thirty languages are endangered, such as Tata in Xinjiang, and Yugu which I have a deeply understanding in my senior high school because of my history teacher who has half of Yugu lineage. She said more and more people are longing to move to the modern city instead of the backward countryside. In order to adapt the new environment, they must use new language, as the time goes by, she hardly remember the original language she used in her childhood. That is why people always said, the power of language is not the number but the inheritance. And that is why there are 10 million Manchus in China, but only one hundred people can speak their original language. Then, with the death of the old generation, this language will totally disappear.

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It is truth that we have to put much more money if we plan the save money. But it is not wasting money, wasting money means spend money to do something do not make sense. Saving languages is meaningful in my view, cause I am come from canton, I learned Cantonese and Mandarin when I was young. I know that, there are somethings that can not be translated between two languages, same as other languages. Every language has its unique thing that other language can not translate just like the Chinese ancient poems. the best relics from our ancestors. As a result, learning a new language is like a culture interation.

To sum up, I think it is necessary for us to pay more money, resource, and effort to vanishing languages. All the languages which can exist have their meaning, it present a type of thinking from our ancestors. If different languages are becoming same, it means culture are becoming single. All of us will be trapped into a single culture. What old generations did will become a shine in long history. We can not compare money and human civilization. Human civilization combining all of our intelligent and it means we existed in this world.

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