Smart Doctor & Smart Patient In India

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Today’s Indian peoples are smart. So they required less paper work and perfect solution of problem. So here consider medical industry. At traditional way Doctor and Patient communicate directly with prescription on paper but when patient going to Medical shop so pharmacists not aware about Doctor Handwriting as well as Medicine. Our research project connects three different peoples like Doctor, Patient and Medical Shops. Digital Health is being launched because a need for a destination that is beneficial for Doctors, Medicals and Patients. The aim of Research project is to developing a Digital Medical prescription for patient, and also maintains their medical history at Doctor and also Medical Shop. It is also useful for generating bill of given prescription in specific medical shops. Doctor and Patient Connect with Web Application and Android Application. This system also notifies Doctor and Patient through apps. Doctor and Patient maintain their Medical History. the main objectives of the research paper is that less paper work and avoid bad handwriting, easily understand patient and medical shop requirement.


Digital Health is being launched because a need for a destination that is beneficial for both Doctors, Medicals and Patients. This project aims is to developing a Digital Medical prescription for patient, and also maintain their medical history. It is also useful for generating bill of given prescription in a specific medical shops. When User Registers, System Generates One UID for User. When User go to hospital they have to give their UID to Doctor, Doctor will create prescription on web application, Prescription automatically upload on system database, Now user can see their prescription on their android phone. When user go to Medical shop for medicine which is given in prescription, they have to submit their UID to Medical, Medical will create bill. Digital Prescription System is a portal that establishes a network between the user, doctor and the medical. This System Produce Digital Data which is easy to Record and Not have chance to misplace or lost. The user can view their prescription in android application.


  • Time Consuming: As the records are to be manually maintained it consumes a lot of time
  • Paper Work: Paper work is involved as the records are maintained in the files and registers
  • Fear of Lost Prescription: As files are used we always have fear to lost, Once lost we have to again go to hospital and pay fees.
  • Less Reliable: Use of papers for storing valuable data information is not at all reliable.
  • Accuracy: As the system is in manual form, there are lot of chances of human errors.

Difficulty in accessing Data and making bills:

The Prescription in paper form, patient has to carry this prescription to medical shop, a chemist has to read that prescription and make bill by using some etc. application which is time consuming.

Difficulty in keeping new record: It is difficult to maintain and store all prescriptions and entire medical history of each patient.


To solve these problems they required a computerized system to handle all the works. They required a web based application that will provide a working environment that will be flexible and will provide ease of work and will reduce the time for report generation and other paper works.

Aims and Objective

The Project Focuses on Digital Database for Medicine and medical history of patient .The main Objectives is to reduce the Hand writing Problem between Doctor, Patient and Pharma Distributor. Pharmacist can easily understand the doctor’s prescription and appropriate medicine will be provided to patient .It is also useful for generating bill of given prescription in a specific medical shops, and generating bill of Doctor. Patient can book Doctors appointments. It is also providing reminder facility for intake of medicines.

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Benefits to patients

  • The benefit most evident to patients is increased convenience
  • Prescription orders on SMART App or electronically to pharmacies make it possible for patients to arrive at the pharmacy and have their prescription orders waiting for them.
  • Refill orders will also be streamlined and processed faster.
  • Book Appointment which will save time, instead of waiting in Que.

Benefits to pharmacies

  • Prescriptions that are transmitted on App to medical & Patient are more legible and can improve work flow
  • Reduce work time.
  • Only have to submit values of medicines bill will automatically create.


  • Maintain confidentiality and avoid loss of prescription.
  • No data loss even in situation of power and failure internet.

User Convenience:

  • Users can view prescription as per their convenience.
  • Users can view prescription immediately after the prescription created.

User can only view prescription cannot create or destroy any prescription

Go Green:

You will be saving a substantial amount of paper by using online mode of prescription. Prevent the use of paper and save the planet


Smart doctor & smart patient is the next step of digital India, it work with without any paper work so Go green follow to make India Clean. After successfully installing App on Doctor mobile and patient Mobile, patient also book order from at home, solved the problem of doctor handwriting to the medical shops.


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