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Software Engineering and Humanity

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People will be both positively and negatively impacted by the increase in technology. Now a daysSoftware engineering technologies are increasingly split and further eroding the communities trust and shattering their relationship. In line with this, currently there are more programs, courses and other important practical activities that point or indicate the way to have the better future for the wealth of human beings. Due to this learning to skillfully manage our scarce attention and our thinking for our own well-being and that of our circles of influence is the key issue.


Software’s are part of our lives and they are into every aspect of our society. Whether it is for the communication, banking, education, medical care, transportation, government agencies, shopping, retailers, transactions or general maintenance, software are everywhere.

A major trend that can be already be seen on software engineering products are information overload, using for simplification of workloads, recreation and information conversation. There is so much information which is over loaded on the software engineering products; too much for any user of any intelligence level to competently intake and synthesize[Krieger, 2018] The information which is overloaded on the software products such as on the internet, impacts our cognitive abilities and emotional health, often not in a positive manner and its impact on the society includes as follows.

  • Regarding to the information which is available, it is difficult to examine what to focus on, what is actually important to us and which information is useless. Due to this we lost our concentration on the positive thinking rather we focus on the wrong things. In either way, those activities are negatively affected our brains and causing stress on us behind losing focus on real world.
  • In most of the time the posted or shared online materials are quickly accepted without any critical understanding and evaluation.
  • Personnel disengagement from social interactionsare causing losing of personnel concentration ability.
  • Human beings weak critical thinking as well as the addition of fake news will also be erode the communities interaction, increase fraud and lead to bad national decision.

Discussion on the Interaction between Software Engineering and Humanity

Software engineering technologies development has many positive and negative effects on human well-being. Evaluating the net impact of either of these, let alone both together is nearly impossible. The negative effectsrash out thatthe human-beings attitudes and policies toward the technologies and practices of those software engineering and companies advocates, remain largely the same in the near future. Even though software engineering technologies development has a positive aspect in case of bank tellers and employees can manage everything on computers using software, including interest calculation, record of daily transactions, customer requests and also in the case of shopping, we can buy everything online, without stepping out of our homes. This software’s allow as to select any item with our intention, allow to pay online and allow to access, deliver and return or cancel it. But apart from the positive impacts, those software engineering applications have a negative impact. On the top of that most soft wares which interfere human beings normal daily operation of computers as well as networks, such cruel or malicious soft wares has the potential to damage the daily activities of human- beings by not only steal the data but also by hacking the and distribute network any reports.

The other impact of these software technologies is that, most of the time many human beings think/believe that without those software’s applications such as smart phones and their application of social Medias. In another way this technologies have caused distracting, demeaning, disrespectful, dependentand addiction and it create or causes poor mental and physical health outcomes. This has negative implications for one’s own well-being as well as academic achievement, productivity and self-concept, but also for the well-being of those around that person. More use can foster greater access to resources and support, but also to more depression and other forms of decreased wellbeing.

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The Future of human Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World

The intrusion of software engineering technologies, digital and online into more aspects of daily life has already begun to erode the cohesion society needs to function[Krieger, 2018]. Software future development in digital distraction will have also Future developments in digital distractions will aggravate the current human beings trend in which those human beings are increasingly separated from one another in every aspect of the interest except for narrow interests, attitudes. The current human beings ability to see or work each other valuable groups or members of the society is being eroded and we look that the current situation that human beings who have different religious, nationalities, back ground and political affiliation as others are not be trusted and are much less embraced as fellow human being.

Potential Interventions to Overcome Challenges to Individual’s Well-Being

As per the report of [Krieger, 2018]most among the respondents who said digital life will stay the same noted that every technology has always had its positive and negative effects and that on balance, things will probably stay about the same.

Currently human beings are organized to create civilization to achieve self-preservation makeups that shut down human beings understanding thinking in favor of quick and automatic fight reactions. But those reactions are important to keep our followers from death and destruction and these reactions are generated from the deeper and older parts of our brain.

Now a days our civilization or development with technologies is not much smart enough to endure the confusion that we have created because it is making us stupid with uncertainty and haplessness.

The following points are some of the classes of actions that can be taken to mitigate potential harms of software technologies:

  • Focus or mark the positive consequences and the negative or unintended consequences of those software technologies in order to provide and bring or foster the community’s conversations to focus their interaction towards the development of personal and social well- being.
  • Focus on the development of new software applications for the purpose of increasing the social, financial and physical attitude of community’s well-being.
  • Focus on the development of education, training and practices of critical thinking, community’s mutual trust activities, and conflict resolution and transformation activities.


Software engineering technology has some positive and negative impact on human well- being. The negative aspect of those technologies will have the potential to reduce knowledge and experience with human being social interactions besides it leads to isolation, depression and increased a number of broken relationships with families, couples and groups of the community. While the positive aspect of software’s are important for the gathering of information and for simplification of workloads on the society especially in organizations and companies. Generally the positive impacts lead to improved lifestyles and opportunities, while the negative impacts lead to threats, disadvantage and reduction of privacy and safety.


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