Is Technology Really a Blessing to Humanity?

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Technology has changed our lives. In the ever-developing modern society, technology seems to be an inextricable part of humanity. However, many people are focusing on how advanced automation can be, so much that alarmingly, few people are concentrating on how the negative impacts on humans have advanced due to automation. In fact, technology has more negative effects on us than positive, for it hinders our interpersonal relationship (P1), poses a significant threat to various jobs worldwide (P2), and also makes us more and more indolent. (P3) (Thesis)

First, advancements in technology are making us lazier. (TS1, P3) Thanks to the boatload of robot vacuum cleaner brands, there is no longer a need to get ourselves busy and exhausted with mops and dusters as those tiny robot vacuums will do the job for us. (Ev1) With online shopping, goods can be delivered right to our doorsteps with only a few taps on our tablet or computer while comfortably lying on the sofa at our home. (Ev2) These technologies all allows us to be passive when we ought to be walking around cleaning our homes with a broom or maybe strolling through the supermarket to see what we need for dinner. As a matter of fact, the laziness lowers our motivation and willpower, and may in turn manifest as procrastination, affecting our productivity in the long term. (El)

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Further, automatons are taking over jobs of millions worldwide. (TS2, P2) According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, around 375 million jobs worldwide will have died out by 2030. (Ev1) An Oxford study in 2017 also predicted job losses of up to nearly 50% in 50 years. (Ev2) These statistics clearly show beyond doubt that the automatons, which we are putting in all our efforts, time and money to develop, will soon replace most of our jobs. (El1) Works most likely to be automated will be cashiers and office clerks, while some jobs, for instance, bridge toll collectors and railway ticket collectors, have already been replaced by machines. The automatons are truly going to leave many of us jobless in the near future. (El2)

Last but not least, technology is undermining our face-to-face communication skills. (TS3, P1) Popular culture may suggest that the various social media platforms have brought us great convenience in contacting friends and families. True, but have you ever been out with friends and noticed all of you were spending more time scrolling through posts on social platforms rather than chatting with each other? (Ev1) Thanks to technology, we are basically turning into zombies, oblivious to our surroundings. The situation is even worse for adolescents that have been brought up in the Information Age since they are not given a chance to develop conversation skills, thus, many miss out on the primary elements of natural communication, such as listening and more importantly, speaking. (El)

In conclusion, technology not only makes us passive (P3) but also puts millions of job at risk (P2) and affects our interpersonal skills (P1). (Thesis) Unfortunately, it is impossible to obviate the use of technology in this technologically advanced era. In many ways, technology is more of a curse than a blessing.

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