Solution To Enforcing Vaccination

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Anti-vaccination is a serious thing to enforce about. You got religious people or crazy moms that don’t want to vaccinate their own child because they fear of that kid getting autism. Even though there are no proven facts about it. If there is a kid that has autism, it is from generic or drugs. By making laws to enforce vaccination, there will be least dangerous diseases like the measles and the pertussis (just to name a few).

If you are not vaccinated, your child will not be able to go to any level of education. If the child is not vaccinated, it will spread the diseases around. February 11, 2013 there was 125 measles cases in California. So many people and kids were not vaccinated. Not only can extinct diseases make you very ill, they can also cause death. A patient was hospitalized from getting the measles in California. 0.7% of children 19-35 were not vaccinated. Causing kids not to go to any level of education can save other children from being victimized.

The ones that can enforce the law(s) are congress, US senate, and maybe the government. If the child is not vaccinated, the parents should be arrested for child endangerment. It is causing child endangerment by not vaccinated him making that child vulnerable to everything that is around that child. If the parent(s) do not want to vaccinate the child, child protective services should take away the child from the guardian. Or keep the child in a quarantine till he or she is vaccinated. A quarantine is a state, period or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

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There will be no more diseases. Diseases that have been extinct for along like the measles, pertussis, and other dangerous deadly diseases will not come back ever again. The measles came back in 2013. The year 2017, it had dramatically spiked up. If vaccinated, the children will be able to have a normal regular life with no deadly diseases. Being able to reach adulthood. Only 35% of world children are vaccinated. That’s a small percentage. That means children are not getting vaccinated that much anymore due to religious reason.

If the children are vaccinated, that means lives will be saved. No deaths from children or young adults will happen. Vaccination prevents 10 million deaths a year. If laws are enforced, there will be least diseases. Many young diseases can be protected in the future. For kids that will grow up to be next generation of doctors, firefighters, policeman, army veterans, anything in this world.

If we as nation enforce laws to vaccinate at a certain age, there will be least death and old extinct disease can disappear once more. We as a nation need to think about the next generations that are coming up and their next ones after that. So, on and so on.

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