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Should Vaccination Become Mandatory?

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There has been a huge achievement in eradicating communicable diseases due to healthy and proper food, sanitization but the major factor are the vaccination programs that are introduced as aDue to vaccination programs, major infectious diseases such as smallpox, tetanus are eradicated (Schlipkoter & Flahault, 2010). However, sometimes vaccination cannot help people with impaired immune systems as it depends on a person’s immunity to handle the vaccine.

As the immune system varies from person to person based on age factor (Ogbogu & Robinson, 2019).Vaccinations should be mandatory as there are many diseases that affect the body and leads to death and these deaths are preventative as the prior vaccination can be doneafter childbirth or at the early stages in childhood.If we do not consider such serious immunization practices there can be a flow of disease as one non-vaccinated person suffering from the disease can harm other populations as Vaccination should be taken seriously as there are some consequences, where poor people cannot get access to proper health services and may die due to common infectious diseases that can The need for vaccination also protects the child’s right, sometimes a child wants to get vaccinated but the parents refuse, but when it’s mandatory it can be added asa positive decision taken towards child protection (Ogbogu & Robinson, 2019).

According to the estimated proportion made by Schlipkoter and Flahault (2010) 2.4 million children meet to death due to communicable diseases, whose solution is vaccination.Moreover, these can affect the country’s overall economy too.Mandatory vaccination can also prevent consequences like, in March 2016 over 100 people at Stollery ChildrenHospital in Edmonton got infected due to measles which is an easily preventable disease if vaccination is taken by an individual.When inspected it came to light that the infection was spread from a child who was not vaccinated and was admitted at the hospital for overnight evaluation if suchpolicies of mandatory vaccination are made then these can of population who is at risk of such diseases, can get help and many lives can be saved(Ogbogu & Robinson, 2019).In Ogbogu and Robinson’s (2019) dialogue according to US Centers for disease control and prevention if proper vaccination was given then the children who were born between the year1994 to 2013 will not encounter or will prevent 322 million illness cases, 21 million hospitalizations, and 732,000 death ratios in Canada.

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The positive outcomes of the vaccination can be seen and taken into consideration making it mandatory, there are studies proving it such as vaccine of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)is proven to be cost-benefit and was linked to past economic benefits less ratio of death that is health care gains, reduction in the cost of healthcare, whereas no onenoticed that it has got some more important and amazing advantages, that is overall economy is elevated as the number of mental disabilities and physical disabilities got reduced, peoples’ behaviorgot better or we can say mental health became good as the vaccine gave boost to economic productivity in terms of fertility reduction as the vaccination gives better growth to According to the study, there were 66 out of 100,00 children among the age of 5 years suffering from Hib disease one year before being vaccinated, which reduced to47 out 100,000 after one year of getting vaccination and further it declined to 7.6 out of 100,000 after 3 years of getting vaccination (Cowgill et al., 2006).

Although if vaccination is taken seriously there are some negative aspects such as vaccination program for smallpox did great work and eradicated it but raised the new largest infectious disease, known as a major death-causing disease in infants till date.Another aspect we got to see from the same study is that although the campaign carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) to eradicate the infection of poliomyelitishas gone through great success it was unable to eradicate completely. In their study, another thing that showed up was that due to delay in inventing new and better vaccines the time taken to make vaccines better was the timethat caused numerous preventable deaths, there were achievements in destroying tropical diseases but some diseases like malaria and tuberculosis are still threat to the entire world (Schlipkoter & Flahault, 2010).However, vaccines are the most basic and effective health tools for the people as they protect not only one or two people but the protect the whole communities by.

Therefore vaccines cannot be blamed for side effects that sometimes can be diagnosed, as the vaccine is not only responsible but there are many more factors responsible for itlike sometimes even the illness itself induces side effects that can be fatal (Pasquale et al., 2016).In a nutshell, vaccination can be considered as the short easy treatment that does not involve a long process for a person to get immunized or to be prepared forfighting with the disease that may encounter in the future.Vaccines should be done better to fight with the diseases that are till date not curable like malaria, tuberculosis.Development should be made for the communities that are unaware of vaccination programs by carrying out campaigns that involve free vaccination, due to these poor people will also getgreat help as well as resistance to some of the vaccine-preventable diseases.

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