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Solving Global Government Surveillance Challenge: Critical Analysis of Stegos

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Government surveillance came into existence as a means to track and monitor activities going on in different places. It's most times use as a security measure each time the government needs to gather information. It's also used for checks and balances. In a simple term, government uses surveillance to maintain orderliness, control crimes, check excesses, and to help the economy.

Government as we all know is vested with the power to enforce law and order, protect lives and properties, defend human rights and among others. But then, with the issue of surveillance, can the citizens really believe their freedom and privacy is not been matched upon by the government, since they now keep wandering eyes on every activities of every citizens? Needless to say, private life is no longer private.

The rate at which government surveillance is growing is now regarded as a serious challenge since no one can really know their level of freedom and privacy. Too much surveillance makes people feel less safe and protected. Many people are now being careful as to the kind of messages they send out, the kind of calls they make and so on since the government now watches everything to and fro.

Whether the government likes it or not, her hold on people's privacy must be broken and a solution must be provided. This is where Stegos is challenging the status quo. Lots of blockchain technology has introduced optimal privacy features in their blockchain. But as it stands now, Stegos is the only blockchain technology that has so far offered a more comfortable and reliable privacy feature that's absolutely untraceable, undetectable, and unlinkable.

Stegos is a private cryptocurrency and messaging platform that's designed to protect its users from third party accessibility of their transactions and messages. It provides maximum security and privacy for every user. Due to the unique design of Stegos blockchain and token, makes it the first ever cryptocurrency that's immune against government surveillance and it's fully integrated. Every transaction and message sent through Stegos platform cannot be traced, detected and linked. It's absolutely anonymous. Unlike other public blockchain that's makes it very simple for the government to see all their transactions, this is not so with Stegos.

The recipient's address cannot be known because this platform has been designed in such a way that every transactions and messages are sent to the recipient from a different address and thus, it doesn't discloses the sender's address nor the recipient's address.

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With Stegos, government surveillance is an issue soon to be forgotten. People can now safely make transactions, send messages, make phone calls without getting worried over any watchdog. Users data are securely protected. Communication between people can no longer be traceable.

Why Stegos?

Actually, Stegos is much more than another private transaction, it's a unique platform for making payments and sending/receiving messages which is enormously secured, reliable, scalable and environmental friendly than any other blockchain.

Stegos and Privacy Concern

In Stegos, only the sender and the recipient have full access to the transaction details. This transaction details are cloaked with random values while the public addresses are cloaked with stealth addresses. Also, some people are fond of posting their QR code online, be rest assured that even in the midst of this, nothing will be traceable to you.

For communication, Stegos offers private communication between persons. Users can send and receive messages without the disclosure of their personal details to the outside world.

Additionally, Stegos also offers peer-to-peer trading and you are well protected from any kind of surveillance. The only issue here is that Stegos is not liable for the privacy feature of other crypto, but every crypto exchange that enters stegos domain is outrightly protected by Stegos privacy policy.

In conclusion, government surveillance is a menace that is affecting many people. Stegos is very immune against this surveillance. It's secure, scalable, reliable and ideal for everyone.

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