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Solving Global Government Surveillance Challenges: Analytical Essay

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Solving Global Government Surveillance Challenges and How Stegos Can Change the Status Quo

Have you ever had the feeling that you are been watched by someone, someone hiding in the shadow, watching your every move day in day out, watching everything you do and wherever you go? If you are certain about this, your hunch is probably correct because everyone of us is been watched by the government. This so called government have encroached into every citizens privacy. They do not need to put anyone on anybody’s trail, they simply do their watching through the use of electronic devices. The government monitors every messages, calls, emails, chats and every other things that are done on mobile devices and computers. Government agencies like the FBI, NSA, and CIA keep a very tight surveillance on some categories of citizens to monitor everything about them. This to some extent may be due to security reasons but this doesn’t give them the right to encroach on people’s privacy without their consent. Private life is no longer private.

There’s no difference between cyber hackers and government surveillance since they both invade people’s privacy without them being aware of it. Every financial transactions, messages, calls, that are Carrie out on mobiles devices and computers that Carrie our addresses, bank details and other vital information are all known by the government.

According to the issue as published in the New York Times, it was stated that citizens are no longer safe with their data due to the extension of the law that authorizes warrantless surveillance program in the year 2018. With this, any government agencies have access to spy into your personal device and check through your messages, emails, chats, calls, videos, pictures and everything on your devices without your consent and knowledge. Thus, can anyone say they are free and safe?

For this serious issue that people are facing due to government surveillance, there’s the urgent need for a way that people can send messages, make transactions, and feel safe with their personal data without government access to them. As a matter of fact, Stegos is the saving grace forthis government surveillance. Stegos is a scalable, ecologically friendly, optimally and private cryptocurrency. It focuses on privacy issue and ensures that every transactions carried out are privately secured. Stegos is designed to address the rapid growth and lack of privacy that government surveillance is constituting.

Interestingly, every transactions carried out under Stegos are not traceable, linkable, retrievable, and transaction history is impossible to generate. Stegos uses Snowball privacy which makes it impossible to generate any transaction history plus, transactions are carried out in bulk and are been sent through a stealth address instead of the recipients address.

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How will Blockchain Technology address this situation?

In spying on any individual, the data of such individual is needed. To protect and secure very individual’s data, extra effort is paramount. And since every data are been centralised, they can be easily manipulated and stolen. This is why decentralization is vital. In every blockchain technology, we can see that decentralization is one of their core value. Any data that has been inputted in the blockchain technology cannot be tampered with plus, no data in blockchain belong to a single entity. The system is basically censorship-resistant.

Additionally, most major social media platforms are embracing blockchain technology privacy and Stegos is one major option here. Steaks uses zero-knowledge proof in its ecosystem which offers greater form of privacy for it users. Stegos allows every users to access their data without having access to those data itself. Users have full ownership of their data. Optimum privacy of your data is guaranteed with Stegos.

The New Dawn of Privacy

Since it is widely known that people are greatly concerned about their data and privacy, it’s important to know how the new form of privacy people are so craving for will play out. With this kind of crypto privacy that Stegos is offering, it will cover the following areas;

  • Trading
  • Messaging and chats
  • Private App
  • Transactions

In the areas of trading, peer-to-peer trading is safeguarded. Users can buy and sell crypto with the use of atomic swap. It’s a must to mention here that Stegos is not concerned with the privacy issues of other cryptocurrency and thus, transacting with other crypto may cause user to face privacy issue from the exchange crypto but the minute the crypto enters into Stegos ecosystem, they are never traceable nor searchable. It’s bound by Stegos privacy features. Exchanging with other crypto provider is quite risky as it requires the provision of vital data that are not so required in a truer sense. But the moment the crypto reaches Stegos ecosystem, privacy is guaranteed. Also, Stegos app offers a more private communication without actually divulging your details. There are lots of chat services that users can initiate which are privately based.

Final Thought

Every individual have the right to their privacy and should be protected from government surveillance. A team has been successful in designing a privacy protocol that will see to the end of government surveillance menace. It’s expected that with this new innovation, many people will get their freedom and be rest assured their data is properly secured and safeguarded.

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