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Why Government Surveillance Is Bad Essay

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Argumentative Essay: Government Surveillance is Ruining the World

Government Surveillance is an atrocious thing happening right now. The government is throwing itself into everyone’s daily life by spying on the people. It starts off with spying on the people with their electronical devices where the government then can gain access to all of your information. While having this surveillance they are breaking what is most important to the people of America: their rights. government surveillance is not just happening in the United States either it is happening in almost every country in the world. Government surveillance is using electronic devices to collect data from people while breaking the people’s privacy and rights and more countries are following this trend of implanting government surveillance.

Stingrays are utilized by law authorization offices to follow individuals' developments, and capture and record discussions, names, telephone numbers and instant messages from cell phones. Their utilization involves the observing and assortment of information from every single cell phone inside an objective territory. A pinnacle dump is the sharing of recognizing data by a phone tower administrator, which can be utilized to distinguish where a given individual was at a specific time. As cell phone clients move, their gadgets will associate with close by cell towers so as to keep up a solid sign even while the telephone isn't effectively being used. These towers record recognizing data about cellphones associated with them which at that point can be utilized to follow people. In the greater part of the US, police can get numerous sorts of cellphone information without getting a warrant. Law-implementation records appear, police can utilize introductory information from a pinnacle dump to request another court request for more data, including addresses, charging records and logs of calls, writings and areas. Cellphone spying programming is a kind of cellphone irritating, following, and observing programming that is secretly introduced on cell phones. This product can empower discussions to be heard and recorded from telephones whereupon it is introduced. Cellphone spying programming can be downloaded onto cellphones. Cellphone spying programming empowers the checking or stalking of an objective cellphone from a remote area with a portion of the accompanying procedures. Permitting remote perception of the objective cellphone position progressively on a guide. Remotely empowering receivers to catch and advance discussions. Receivers can be initiated during a call or when the telephone is on reserve for catching discussions close to the cellphone. Getting remote cautions as well as instant messages each time someone dials a number on the cellphone. Remotely perusing instant messages and call logs. Cellphone spying programming can empower mouthpieces on cell phones when telephones are not being utilized, and can be introduced by portable suppliers. Geolocation following on cellphones. GPS on a cell phone is probably the best creation — in the palm of your hand, you can get headings from Indicate A Point B, or let companions know your present area. Yet, that equivalent GPS likewise lets law authorization authorities know where you are. The American Common Freedoms Association has mentioned data from 31 states for insights concerning how law requirement utilizes cellphone area information and how much of the time it is accumulated. The government has likewise conceded that it has the position to follow individuals through mobile phone information. PC and system reconnaissance is the observing of PC action and information put away on a hard drive, or information being moved over PC systems, for example, the Web. The checking is frequently done secretively and might be finished by governments, companies, criminal associations, or people. It might possibly be lawful and could conceivably require approval from a court or other free government organizations. PC and system reconnaissance programs are across the board today and practically all Web traffic can be observed. Government approaches the entirety of your program history. It has made arrangements with Facebook, Google, Mac, and Skype to watch out for individuals and the stuff they do on their PC. The legislature approaches the camera on your workstation which integrates with the arrangement with google couple and skype and some other video talk calling application. It records the call and recognizes the individual on screen. Approaches the entirety of the records situated on the PC and just as any private photographs and any private data on the PC. Additionally, has free increase to any of the individual business records on the PC to assist more their recognizable proof procedure and to perceive what the individual has been doing in their life. While having government surveillance in the people’s electronics is bad enough they also take away the people’s rights to “keep them safe”.

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As stated in the constitution the fourth and first amendment are the right to prohibit unreasonable searches and seizures and to the right of freedom of speech. By adding government surveillance into our world, the government is breaking the fourth amendment. The fourth amendment is the right to prohibit unreasonable searches and seizures and so the government has started a program called PRISM to target foreign Americans and to gather their private info and into their private communications hence violating this amendment. This program allows people to be spied on without a warrant. Even when a person is convicted of a crime, they usually never tell them that they were caught doing a crime based on the surveillance the government was watching. The first amendment is the right to the freedom of speech and is broken by government surveillance as well. People in this world use this right usually to peacefully petition our government, but now are scared due to the fact of government surveillance. These people are afraid to speak their minds and are afraid of getting in trouble with the government because they are listening and watching at all times. The government’s main source of watching people is through security cameras. The government has access to any public camera they want whether they be in a train station, a store, or even at the street lights. Although the government has admitted to spying on its citizens and foreigners there is no total amount of people affected by this due to them not giving an estimate amount. Edward Snowden is a former CIA agent and has recently fled the country due to him leaking out to the American public that the government does actually spy on its own people. With the United States using government surveillance and spying on its own people it caught the eye of other countries who are also using mass government surveillance now.

Ever since the United States started using government surveillance more and more countries have started to use this improper way of looking into people and looking into all their information. Russia has started its own way of government surveillance by collecting data through data mining and open source intelligence which is the gain of any information publicly. Russia also uses lawful interception which allows them to wire tap and hear people’s conversations whenever they want to. And lastly, they use the telecommunications data they find through electronical surveillance. SORM is a Russian program that stands for System of Operational Investigatory Measures, and this program has to have telecommunication operators to install the program given by the Federal Security Service. Which it then allows Russia to gather any communications metadata and the content, which includes phone calls, email, and website history. China is the next big named country to start using government surveillance in their own way. China has taken a more traditional approach to it and is just using surveillance to gather info on people who are suspected criminals. When government surveillance was first created in china by a guy named Mao, it was meant to encompassed the nation and the people within the nation and to improve his powers. Now china’s government surveillance is mostly through internet tracking, phone calls/texts, and also just stuff that happens to be seen with a naked eye. Germany is also a big named country that has possessed government surveillance in the recent years. Germany uses a program called Nachrichtendienstliches Informationssystem. This program is a searchable database operated by the German security agency Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz. This is Germanys main way of collecting information on people and spying on them as well.

Throughout the history of the world multiple terrorist attacks have occurred mostly committed by foreigners. The governments of the countries believe if they incorporate government surveillance it will cut down the number of attacks which it doesn’t. The countries use the surveillance in electronics and even cameras. The main reason they use this surveillance is for spying purposes on their citizens but what the countries don’t realize that it breaks the rights the people have that are in the constitution. Government surveillance is not just happening in the United States either, it is happening throughout the entire world with many different countries.


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