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The Dangers of Government Surveillance on Internet Users and Possible Solution: Analytical Essay

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Have you ever had the feeling of been watched and monitored by someone hiding in the shadow? Watching every single move of yours, what you do, where you go, who you interact with, and all of your daily activities. If you are certain about this, then your guess is correct because every single one of us is under our governments watch. Our government has encroached into the privacy of every single citizen without our consent. They carry out this act with unimaginable ease using our own gadgets, the gadgets we all carry along with us and use for our daily activities. It might interest you to know that some of us are practically addicted to these devices without knowing the greater harm they pose to us. Some of these gadgets and devices include amongst others handsets, iphones, laptops and a whole lot of others. This act of monitoring us could also be carried out using applications on the above mentioned devices as long as the posses a camera and a headset/speaker/ mouth piece. The government monitors every message, calls, emails, chats and every other thing that are done on our devices and computers.

The act of surveillance came into existence as a monitoring strategy applied to trace and track different kinds of activities in numerous places. Government uses it as a security mechanism anytime there is a need to gather multiple information and to maintain balance. In other words, Government uses it as a technique to curb crimes, to carry out scrutinies, and also for extensive economic development.

Government agencies like the FBI, NSA, and CIA keep a very tight surveillance on some categories of citizens to monitor everything about them. This to some extent may be due to security reasons but this doesn’t give them the right to encroach into people’s privacy without their consent. Private life is no longer private.

It is an essential tool used by the government to develop and establish a database that serves as a data bank. The Government uses this information as a reference, economic predictions, various analyses, and also to determine new policies worthy of being implemented. The Government considers surveillance useful because it assists them in controlling political opposition and restricting vulnerability on the welfare of citizens.

Government surveillance is of various types and patterns. Surveillance could be viewed from citizen’s gadgets as earlier discussed. All of these are helpful in investigation and to also vindicate citizen.

There’s no difference between cyber hackers and government surveillance since they both invade people’s privacy without them being aware of it. Every single financial transaction, message, call, that is carried out on mobiles devices and computers that possess our addresses, bank details and other vital information are not secrets to the government.

Gоvеrnmеnts viоlаtеs privасу tо supprеss minоritiеs and also use еxtrеmе rulеs аnd tоrturе tо mаintаin соntrоl оf thеir сitizеns. Tаking thе prеsеnt gоvеrnаnсе in сhinа аs саsе studу;

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Thе Сhinеsе gоvеrnmеnt is so nоtоriоus that it limits whаt wеbsitеs its citizens саn ассеss thrоugh thе usе оf whаt hаs соmе tо bе knоwn аs thе Grеаt Firеwаll оf Сhinа. Thе Grеаt Firеwаll blосks а lаrgе numbеr оf fоrеign wеbsitеs, inсluding еvеrуdау social media plаtfоrms likе Tеlеgrаm, Fасеbооk, Twittеr, аnd УоuTubе. Сhinа аlsо rоutinеlу blосks аnу соntеnt thаt соntrаdiсts thе stаnсе оf its соmmunist gоvеrnmеnt.

According to the New York Times, it was stated that citizens are no longer safe with their data due to the extension of the law that authorizes warrantless surveillance program in the year 2018. With this, any government agencies like the FBI have access to spy into your personal device and check through your messages, emails, chats, calls, videos, pictures and everything on your devices without your consent and knowledge. As a result, no one can say they are free and safe.

Surveillance by Government is a growing issue that has attracted lots of queries from citizens about their freedom. Too much monitoring makes people feel very much uncomfortable and unsafe in their daily activities, knowing fully well that Government is keeping tabs on them continuously. Most times, citizens dont feel too comfortable sending out specific sensitive messages. They feel so insecure as Government keeps their surveillance lamp on them.

However, it is indeed the primary reason for the birth of blockchain technology that is set to provide individuals the capacity to make untrackable financial transactions. However, many blockchain platforms provide protected and decentralized texting or messaging, but Stegos promises to offer more than usual. It gives users the ability to securely and privately disseminate messages without leaving traces about the receiver or the sender.

The issue of privacy created a platform for the introduction of stegos, which is entirely a private cryptocurrency and messaging platform designed to protect users from government surveillance. If anyone feels insecure about the watchdog of the Government, this is the perfect platform that provides guaranteed maximum protection required.

The Stegos Privacy Platform (Stegos) combines a unique blockchain and token design to implement the first cryptocurrency that’s completely private, secure, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Stegos is fully scalable and prunable, ensuring the chain always remains compact without compromising trust. This makes Stegos the world’s first public blockchain to offer secure and confidential data storage and transmission in addition to payment transactions.

Privacy is indeed a global issue that requires urgent attention that Stegos privacy takes seriously. It would be nice if the Government can create workable strategies that will be effective enough to safeguard the private data of citizens and companies rather than having them exposed to spies and hackers.

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