Stand Up Paddle Fishing vs. Kayak Fishing

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As one of the most popular recreational activity, fishing has always been the first choice of many people for a relaxed, enjoyable time. In recent years, people have been trying new ways to make fishing more interesting. Now we have stand-up paddle fishing and kayak fishing. Stand-up paddle boarding gained its popularity in recent years and along with it comes SUP fishing. But is it any better than the more conventional kayak fishing? Let’s find out.


When trying to draw a comparison between fishing kayak and fishing paddle, the aspect of price will pop up almost instantly. Here’s an average retail price of both water sports devices:

  • Fishing kayaks: $600-$2,000
  • Fishing paddle boards: $500-$2,000

They both lie within the same price range so you might want to look at other features to find out a deciding factor to help you make the decision.

Fishing Capabilities

Generally, fishing SUPs have better fishing capabilities than kayaks. As you can tell by its name, you will need to stand on it while trying to catch fish. This is especially advantageous as you can see the fish nearby more clearly and you’ll have a better angle for casting, as opposed to kayaking.

Almost all fishing SUPs feature bungee cords on them. (The one thing that would make the fishing experience more enjoyable is a cooler. You can attach one for storage of fish or for sitting on when fishing. You also get to bring food and drinks along for the journey.

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Both fishing SUPs and fishing kayaks are very maneuverable compared to normal boats. What this means is that you’ll be able to easily locate fish on ‘hot spots.’ Fishing SUP boards are especially handy when you need to sneak up on your prey: kayaks are somewhat noisy in the waters.


While it’s easier for you to transport SUP fishing boards, you’ll need more than a small vehicle to transport fishing kayaks to a body of water. When it’s needed, you can always deflate an inflatable SUP and roll it up to put it in a bag for easy transportation. So the next time you go on a vacation, you can consider bringing your fishing SUP along for a nice and relaxed session of fishing.

Physical Constraints

As is mentioned previously, fishing kayaks allow you to sit for the whole time to reduce tiredness while SUP fishing boards require you to stand to paddle and fish. There’s a huge difference between the ways you fish on them and if you have strain issues on your lower body, then fishing kayaks might be a safer choice. Generally, fishing kayaks require fewer muscle movements and strain according to how they are designed.

Although fishing kayaks are better for low-exercise movements, paddling is perfect if you want to exercise more. You’ll do your favorite activity along with good exercise for your whole body.

So, which is the best option?

Paddle boards need high balancing postures and control, which may affect your fishing especially if you’re new to fishing paddle boards. Experienced SUP’ers will have a way of getting around this. So, while choosing the best floatation device for fishing, its crucial to consider your fishing habits as well. Fishing paddle boards will do better in calmer waters while kayaks are proved to be better in murky or rougher water bodies like oceans. Both kayaks and fishing paddle boards have excellent capabilities in waters but you’ll have to dig deeper to find out the one that’ll suit your fishing needs.

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