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Study Abroad: Reflection Paper

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Studying abroad at my first choice, the University of California, would be a monumental step in realizing my personal, academic, and career goals to my highest potential. The UC campuses all have a great reputation and are amongst the world`s leading universities for computer science, providing superior education and making great research contributions. California is home to many of the world`s biggest tech companies, like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Studying in such a prestigious environment for my area of study would be a huge opportunity to learn more about computer science and make an impression on future employers. It would be a great way to show my ambition, adaptability, and eagerness to learn about new things.

The fact that the UCs are on a different continent, with a completely different lifestyle and different mindsets, means that university life will also differ significantly from university life here. That is what I find so intriguing about studying abroad: learning how things can be done differently and gaining a new perspective on life that I wouldn`t get if I stayed in one place. I only know university life not anywhere else, and simply going to the US as a tourist would not give me the same insight as one year of studying there.

I believe that being part of a new academic community will enhance the quality of my learning, and provide a wider spectrum of opinions and expertise. I will also have the opportunity to acquire new skills that are applicable and adaptable to situations requiring international interaction, thus, making me more competitive in today's era of globalization.

When I started university, I joined the gymnastics club (EUGC) and have been an active member ever since, going to training regularly and continuously working on my skills. It is a way for me to challenge myself physically and stay fit. I love challenging myself both physically and academically because I see it as an opportunity to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge. This ambition and my strong commitment to a set goal are two qualities that I am very proud of and that I believe would make me a great representative for the University of Edinburgh. Since I plan to join the gymnastics club of my host university during the exchange, I will even be able to show what I have learned so far at EUGC. I am confident that this would shine a good light on the sports clubs that the University of Edinburgh offers to students.

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Another quality that would make me a good representative is that I am very hard-working and keen on learning new things in a wide range of subjects. So far, I have taken two extra-credit courses (Japanese and Astrobiology) unrelated to my degree, and I plan to take more in my further studies. Additionally, I signed up for a new Astrobiology society that is currently in the process of being registered as an official society. Thus, on top of the workload of my degree-relevant courses, I am also pursuing several other special interests, taking advantage of the large range of subjects and societies that the University of Edinburgh offers.

A year abroad would benefit me from a personal perspective because I love learning about new cultures, ways of living, and new mindsets. While studying abroad, I would be able to travel within and around the country of my host university to experience all these new things first-hand and also get to know new people that might have a permanent impact on my life. I strongly believe that living in such a new and unknown environment would make me a more independent and self-confident person because I would be far away from the people I know and would have to rely on myself to make this an unforgettable experience.

Studying abroad may well change the way that I view all kinds of things and would provide an opportunity to expand my field of view and help me understand and analyze things from a wider perspective. Moreover, long-term experience in another culture might help me think more objectively about myself, tolerate differences, and recognize and appreciate diversity. Hence, a year abroad will give me a better sense of who I am and how I see things.

Additionally, an exchange would help me get a clearer picture of the career path that I want to take. When I applied to universities, I applied to universities both and the US, with a stronger focus on US universities because the US, in particular California, is at the forefront of technological innovation. But despite getting into universities in the US, I wasn`t able to go because of the high cost and the onset of Covid. Although I have grown to love studying here I still have this dream of going to the States and working there, hence going on an exchange there would help me decide whether I want to pursue a career or the US.

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