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Suicide: The Tenth Leading Death In The World

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Suicide is a serious matter where people take their lives for so many reasons. With that being said many take their lives due to bullying, depression or emotions, relationships, hardships within families, or elsewhere. There are so many reasons why people decide or think it’s best to take their lives. Thousands of suicides occur within a year in nearly seconds. A matter like this should be prevented and paid close attention to those who could be led to suicide.

Suicides occur every day in nearly any second within a year. There are 44,000 people who commit suicide for many reasons we could think of but not really sure what the answer may be. We need to be aware of matters like this cause because losing someone we love very much isn’t a great feeling. The feeling of grief and anger because we could’ve prevented it and help those in their hardships or whatever they are going through. There are many factors or reasons why people take their own lives, the signs are also noticeable, the differences of suicide, and preventions for people thinking of suicide.

Some would ask how and why do people take theirs lives? Researchers looked deep into this matter, and some say because they suffer from depression, rough relationships, loss of hope, a family history of suicide, losing a job or loss one, and even bullying. Researchers find that depression is the main factor in committing suicide. People suffer from depression because they have lost a loved one. Losing a loved one so close to someone will lead to suicide because they think it is pointless of living if their relative or significant other isn’t living anymore. Depression because they think they have lost everything, such as loved ones, friendships, their jobs, but most of all hope. Everyone longs for hope but not all the time they can get what they desire. Rough relationships because their partner or soulmate has left them for some other. For rough relationships, and mainly women, they think that since they can’t be with that certain person why still be alive? A family history of suicide, there are 243 patients that have a record of family suicides. Half of them attempt suicide, a third of them have an affective disorder, but the majority have bipolar disorder. A bipolar disorder is part of the other factors of attempting suicide or committing suicide. Bullying is the second following of attempting and committing suicide. Teenagers take most action of suicide due to bullying. While they are being bullied, they lose their self-esteem, they feel so much anger and embarrassment or are even traumatized by the foolishness of a bully. Teenagers can’t really open up to anyone about it, so they take in the cruel and harsh moments. As soon they have taken enough of it and still can’t seem to be open about it, they turn to committing or attempting suicide.

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There are signs and behavior of suicide that we have to pay close attention to. Being depressed for so long and having bipolar disorder is a way of attempting suicide. A sudden calmness, meaning being depressed and randomly being calm very quick is a decision already made by that person of ending their own life. Changing behavior and appearance is when someone could care less if they are barely around as usual, and speaking slowly or very fast leads to suicide. People turn to drugs, unsafe sex, or even decides to be a reckless driver, are ones who think dangerously and thinks highly of ending a life. People who cut themselves or have cut scars are also ones who have attempted suicide. Having withdrawals, as of, avoiding and keeping distance away from relatives or friends are attempts of suicide too.

Differences in genders and ages are also part of the statics and factors of suicide. The majority of men take the role of suicide other than a woman. Investigators’ stated that in 2017, they use firearms to take their lives. Women think of attempting suicide but men are three times worse than committing suicide. Females have previous attempts but for men, they never had attempts of suicide. There was no hesitation or turning back of taking their own life, they just did. Females’ first attempts fail but will continue to kill themselves or try to kill themselves until they just can’t anymore. They only fail their attempts because they just need the attention and think that everything will be the way it was before. Just like said before not everyone gets what they desire for so they find ways just to seek attention or cheat their ways out to it. In 2017, a rate of 20.2 people of the ages of 45 to 54 is the highest rate who commit suicide. The second rate is 20.1, the ages of 85 and older attempt suicide due to not being willing to suffer any more pain. Now people think that young adults take more of a role in suicide but in what’s stated the rate of suicide for young adults is rated lower than the older adults at a rate of 14.46. Ethnic differences are even considered as a difference in suicide. Whites are highly rated to take their lives at 15.85. The second rate of 13.42 is Alaskan Natives and American Indians. Blacks and African Americans have roughly a similar rate with Asians and Pacific Islanders of 6.61 and 6.59. The statistics grow every year and not much help has been prevented for those who committed suicide.

Preventions are provided for those who are in need of help, but not many would depend on these preventions. There are plans before sending your loved one who attempted suicide to rehab. One is a short-term plan, where you have to see if your loved one is stable and paying more attention or giving them the attention to see any changes or differences before any more attempts. Taking them to the hospital and see if they need any medication to take and if they are needed to be sent to the rehab is only for the better. In the long-term plan, if and only if they are not stable then, therefore, they need to be sent to rehab. For those who have failed their first attempt at suicide, they can be helped by a therapist. Having appointments with a therapist helps for some but not all. With a ten-session of communication about the matter, it helps more than sending the individual into the emergency room for attempted suicide. Talking it out with the individual benefits them by giving them the attention they needed when others couldn’t provide for them. If the patient has a mental health condition and needs treatment, they must see a doctor if anything. There a medication for those who have attempted suicide but will most likely be provided or prescribed by a doctor.

All in all, suicide is the tenth leading death in the world, and that not many can notice or realize what people go through every day. We need to be aware of others, ask how are they really doing, check up on them on a daily basis, make time for them just so we know they are okay. Once you think they are really okay continue to give them attention cause at any minute or second, they can be gone if we don’t ask and care what they have to say. There are many ways we can help but we tend to lack due to who knows what. I am also glad I have chosen this subject because I wouldn’t have come to realize that people take their lives for our foolishness and then we regret it. So if you know anyone or a loved one who is going through hardships be there for them because anything can happen in just a blink of an eye.

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