The Border Wall In The USA As A Waste Of Money

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The border wall with Mexico is a hot topic since 2014 and especially in 2016. Our president Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the Mexico and United States border. This border wall came up in late 2014, from governors. It is a huge wall where Republicans are hoping if they build it, they would be able to stop illegal immigrants. The Republicans asking for almost 6 billion dollars for the border wall (Doherty 31-33). In reality since 2007 10 billion dollars has been spent on the border wall (Goldstein). Just because of the money that is needed to build the wall, the government was shut down twice. It is a huge amount of money, and the Democratic won’t pass it and they are right. Passing this or accepting his request can cost others a lot. The government should spend that money on something that is really necessary, things like health insurance, Education, and environment.

Health insurance is something that is really important for us to have it in case something happens. Without health insurance we will be not able to pay for all those bills and medicines that are coming for the hospital so, it is important to get one or have one. But unfortunately, many people do not have health insurance because it too expensive. 28 million people are uninsured in United States (Berchick). This is a huge amount of people with no health insurance and the only reason for this is that it is expensive, and people have to pay other bills to. The money that the government want to spend on the wall can help the government to help some uninsured people if not all. Most of the young people are uninsured because the have low income and also the have to pay for collage which is a bog amount of money and also to other things like car insurance, bills, rent, and many other things. Just visiting the hospital can cost anywhere from 200 to thousands which some of us can’t afford it and majority of people live paycheck to paycheck. Some countries are providing free health care and if they can do that, we are sure our government can do the same. The health insurance is expansive the government should either make it cheaper or provide it free, if not for all people just for those who have low income. One other thing the government can do is that the should raise the wages so that way people can afford all the necessary things.

Education is also one of those important and expensive things in our life that many of us lifted behind for some reasons. We have so many ungraduated college students or unattended. One of the main reasons is that it is too expensive for many of us to afford it, and for this reason we choose to not go at all. It's hard to work and study at the same time and it's also impossible to not work and study because we have to pay for classes and other expansive. According to (Levaux) about 83 % people said thy cant afford collage. That’s like about all the Americans who cannot afford paying for collage and complete their studies. In other countries people don’t have to pay for collage because it's all free which it made it easy for their students to study and focus on collage. In America once you turn 18 you have to pay for everything like rent, insurance, internet, and many other things which can’t help the students at all. all these bills and insurance get them so busy in the work that they actually can’t find any time to get to collage and focus on their future.

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Environment is getting from worst to worst day by day and it is really important to be taken care as soon as possible. Plastics are the most harmful things for the sea animals and many of the sea animals have lost their life and still they are. According to ( Parker) about 8 millions metrics tones of plastics ends up in the oceans every year. It’s really a huge amount and each year we put more sea animals in dangers, this is bad for us as well. When you go to beach you can find out so much trash and no one will pick them up. So for this we need to hire more people and to clean them up. To do this we will need more money and they government should spend the wall money on the environment to make it better. If we take care of the environment now that means we are taking care of the future which is a good thing.

Now there are some good reasons and benefits of stopping illegal immigrants. By building the wall some crimes will be gone, drugs, murder, and other things that are happening in the country. According to (Trump 14) when immigrants come illegally to the United States, they are not just the good people, there are also bad folks among them. We should not let criminals inside our country, and we should stop them no matter what it takes even if we need to build the wall. Criminals are coming through the border and if we make the wall there, there won’t be any other way for them to come in and the wall is a good idea. Each year thousands of criminals are coming to United States and each year the amount of crimes are going up. So therefor the border wall with Mexico is necessary and needed we should make is soon.

In conclusion the Republicans should not spending the money on the border wall, and they should spend it on something that is more necessary and needed. By spending the money on something else, it will solve our problems and put us in a better place. With all that money, we are able to make our environment better and also have a better climate. We can really help some homeless people and make their lives better which is good for us and for our country. So many people are in need of medical insurance and we can provide it to them with all that money. Put some more money in to federal aid and pay for more student so that way they would have more time to study and not work. There are so many other better things that we can do with all that money instead of just building a wall and which is not necessary.

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