The Death Penalty: Outdated And Ineffective Punishment

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The topic of the death penalty is one that is usually debated and heavily frowned upon. It is debated all over the world in numerous countries. Most Americans have a very strong stance about the death penalty no matter what side they are on. Supporters of this punishment argue that it serves as a deterrent to crime and that justice is being served. My personal stance on the death penalty is that it is an outdated and noneffective punishment, having no benefit to society and causing more harm than good to society as a whole.

We can observe that, in the United States, a lot of people still carry out these violations, knowing that the death penalty exists. When someone commits a crime they usually don’t think about the death penalty and cause them to adjust their conduct. The outcomes of their crimes are not at the front line of their minds while they're committing those crimes. We can see this in the increasing number of committed crimes, a seemingly endless amount of time after a year in America.

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There have also been wrongly sentenced people, who were either killed or were anticipating their punishment, even though they were innocent. In situations where capital punishment had just been done, it was past the point of no return for those innocent people. Furthermore, in situations where innocence was found, later on, we must be grateful that it didn’t get to the death penalty. There are instances of people being wrongly charged and for each case that is uncovered, we should remember that there is likely more that we've never find out about. Having even one guiltless individual killed wrongly is wrong by itself.

We should also look at the psychological skill of the people being committed and condemned to this discipline. On the off chance that a person isn't mentally right for preparing and understanding the crimes they have committed, it is morally wrong to execute them for this. Looking at the morals of the death penalty, it's additionally unfair and unjust discipline. There have been ways to establish capital punishment meant to punish the person. The main people who can witness their crimes being executed. We can't say for certain whether somebody cruelly punished while they were being executed, hoping a guarantee of a fast and effortless demise. Also, there are people who will face death set apart by torment and making sure justice is being served in America. Yet, as we attempt to hold ourselves as a country to a better quality than our most dangerous criminals, allow our justice system to work like it was intended to, as said by the Supreme Court. And, at no point has the Supreme Court at any point agreed with the cruel and inhumane death penalty. We might want to imagine that we have more faith in humankind than those people committing the crimes. In a way, we are denying another person but also sinking down to their level.

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