The Features Of Everyday Biblical Worldview

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What is a worldview?

A worldview, of the Meriam-Webster Dictionary Online, is, “a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint.” In other terms, a worldview is how someone might interpret the world and what they believe about it. Several different things shape a person's worldview. These things can include religion, family, educations, life experiences, etc. Of course, with any of these, it may shape a positive, negative, or neutral worldview. In the discussion of a Biblical worldview, a Christian will view and interact with the world concerning the Scripture. (Hindson, 2016, pg. 9)

The Question of Origin

“How did life begin?” and “How did mankind come into existence?” (Weider & Gutierrez,2013). The Bible, states in Genesis that God, the creator, created the heavens and the earth from nothing. (Genesis 1:1). Then in Genesis 2:7, God breathed life into humankind from nothing but dust from the ground. The Universes and humanity came only from God and nothing else. The leading proponent of Theism states that the existence and continuance of the universe owed are to God, who is distinct from all creation. (Theism, n.d.) He is the only reason for there being something instead of nothing.

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The Question of Identity

“What does it mean to be human?” and “Are humans more important than animals?” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013) Mankind was created “in His own image” (Genesis 1:27) Mankind is a special creation of God and was created above the animal and “a little lower than the angels.” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013) The Christian worldview does not interpret that humans are more important than the animals but, the Bible does state that mankind was to rule over all the animals on earth. (Genesis 1:28) Our human purpose is to make sure to care for all of God’s creations and not to destroy them.

The question of Meaning and Purpose

“Why does mankind exist?” and more specifically, “Why do I exist?” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013) To simply put it, Mankind exists from nothing else other than God’s amazing workmanship. The Christian Worldview believes its sole purpose of not only me but, as well as mankind, is to have a personal and intimate relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. John 3:17 states that the meaning of our existence is to know Him and seek Salvation through the belief in Jesus Christ. Without believing, mankind cannot have that personal relationship with God, and this Ultimately condemns us not to receive our eternal Salvation in God's Kingdom. (John 3:17-18)

The Question of Morality

The question of morality is answered based on God’s standard. The Christian worldview trusts in the belief of the fall of Adam and Eve. Their intended sin against God by eating the forbidden fruit has caused man to be natural born sinners, unable to save ourselves. (Genesis 3) Redemption can only be achieved by grace through our faithfulness and acceptance of Jesus Christ into our hearts and our lives. (Ephesians 2:8) Jesus Christ is the only way for us to get to God. In contrast to this Christianly worldview would be Secular Humanism, where all life center upon human beings. (Secular Worldview, n.d.)

The Question of Destiny

This question rests on “is there life after death?” and “what will happen when I die?” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2013) The question of destiny weighs heavily on the mind of a person with a Christian worldview. Christians unquestioningly believe in life after death for all of mankind. The aspect of eternal life is entirely dependent on Man’s choice and his relationship with God. The specific decisions that man has are to either reject Jesus Christ or accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Their decision determines their eternal state after death. (2 Corinthians 5 and Revelations 21:8)

How might/should a Biblical Worldview influence the way you think about, treat, and speak to others daily?

With a Biblical Worldview, the way I should treat and speak to others should always be with kindness, love, and respect; even if I am having a rough day, someone’s day is still harsher than mine. Ephesians 4:32 states “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” No matter how a person acts toward you, reciprocating with positivism, love, and joy is what should always get done.

The environment and non-human creation should get cared for with love and respect. This earth was provided for us, the animals and the plants by our Lord. Without Him, we would not be here. We would not have the opportunity to live on such a beautiful planet. “The Lord took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15) We need to nurture His earth to the best of our ability.


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