The Giver: How Do The People Around Your Protagonist Influence And Shape Their Life?

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In the novel “The Giver” by Lois Lowry shows how the people around the protagonist in the book influence and shape their life. These people are the Elders, Gabriel and the Giver all in some point make massive changes and control the main character’s life. Examples are: The Elders created a utopian society, baby Gabriel and the protagonist both developed an emotional attachment bond and the Giver who gave the main character memories of the past and was the first to show the protagonist the truth about his so-called a “utopian” community.

Firstly, the Elders created a ‘perfect’ community, a place where there is no war, no hunger and no pain. Jonas, the main character lives safely within the community. At the Ceremony of Twelve, the Elders “selected Jonas to be [their] next Receiver of Memory” because the qualities of being a Receiver of Memories is intelligence, integrity, courage and wisdom which Jonas processed. He undertakes his new job leading closer to fully understand the dark secrets of his perfect world.

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Secondly, Gabriel a small newborn child who was taken home by Jonas’ father had formed an attachment with the whole family. Jonas’ job as the Receiver of Memory soon learns to perceive emotions and love. Subsequently, Jonas bonded with Gabriel without realising. When Jonas went to ‘the morning release’ and saw the truth, his desire to save Gabriel from realising sparked a rebellion against the community, forcing him to flee. Embarking on a journey into the ‘Beyond’, Jonas and the new child experienced the coldness of the real winter, snow. Gabriel couldn’t stand the harsh weather, Jonas “pressed his hand into Gabriel’s back and tried to remember the sunshine.” Being able to transmit the memory, Gabriel is capable of emotional depth.

Thirdly, before everything Jonas has known or thought about his community has changed when he received the role of Receiver of Memory. During the training session with the Giver the former Receiver of Memory, he shared with Jonas his memories of the past; the feeling experience of pain, sorrow, hungriness, war, happiness and excitement. Jonas was new to all of this kind of feelings because he had never felt such a thing. “It hurt a lot,” “It was interesting” Jonas said, he was glad the Giver gave it to him. Another way was the Giver shape Jonas life was he invited Jonas to see the morning realised where his father injected some sort of liquid in one of the born twins, a few minutes the baby was still. After witnessing about the realised, shockingly he couldn’t believe what just happened. Deciding to leave, Jonas went to the Giver and the Giver told Jonas to make a plan. Finished with planning, Jonas begged the Giver to go with him but the Giver insisted. The Giver explained how it would affect the whole community after Jonas escape, and by staying there he could help aid the community back to its feet. The Giver showed he cared for both community and Jonas.

Overall, the Elders, Gabriel and the Giver all played an important role in Jonas’ life, influenced and shape Jonas’ thought of his own community. The Elders created a community with no flaws and everything is in sync and where everyone is expected to be the same. Thoughts, actions and feelings are controlled and monitored by the Elders. Gabriel who made Jonas realised that emotions are a real thing and with emotions, Jonas does everything necessary to keep baby Gabriel alive. Finally, the Giver influenced and shape Jonas’ life the most, the Giver gave Jonas his memories and allow him to learn things he never knew before.

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