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The Importance Of Competitive Sports For Children

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Competitive sports is a great way to grow as a child or even an adult. Most people think that sports are bad for kids, they think they might get hurt, but if the kid gets hurt, they need to get that out of their mind set and try again. Kids really love sports and sports really help the kids' health. If your child doesn't really go out a lot to get exercise, then competitive sports will be amazing for them and they can get exercise when they go to practice or games. Most children quit sports just because the cost of it or their parents don’t have a lot of money, so they can’t play. If the kids start playing competitive sports at a young age, then their mindset will like competitive sports and maybe continue and even go to the big leagues. Playing competitive sports help students reduce their anxiety, the kids can worry less on a test or in a game, all that can balance school so they do better.

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Some teachers say that children who play sports don’t do as good in school as people who don’t do sports. Playing sports make you look cool, you could have a good game and now you're really proud of yourself. Most parents want their kid to stay healthy and want them to exercise a little. Playing sports is great exercise. Parents might know why their kid quit, It might be that it’s not fun anymore. Some kids think that they are too old and too cool to play sports, but they never know if they are good enough they could get a scholarship. They have too much pressure on them to play, and even injuries. If a kid gets an injury while they are playing sports, then they will not like sports anymore. If kids play sports it can boost their self esteem. If they play competitive sports and are really good at it, this could show their abilities and have self-respect for themselves. Playing sports helps kids learn teamwork and leadership skills. Working as a team to reach a common goal helps children develop communication and problem solving skills that will benefit them on the field and off.

During games and even schools kids need to follow the rules, while in sports you need to follow the rules or you can be kicked out of the game, it helps the kids follow the rules. Some kids hate when they lose a game that they played and throw a fit, but with sports they can learn to lose and not to be sad about losing. Years go by and the numbers for participation for sports drop. And last but not least it’s FUN and when kids play sports they are having fun and having great memories. The memories made playing competitive sports will last a lifetime. They get to play with other people and that is a great memory that they will never forget.

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