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The Moral Aspects Of Dumpster Diving

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All human beings are in this world are equal. They had been created equal but their economic fame may additionally not. Not every human have an identical situation, same economic reputation, and equal health problems but as a human, we must all come together and help each different. We should value each other as humans, not by what we have and what we don’t. Every small thing matters. Something that may not have any value to one, but might be a treasure to someone else. Peter Singer is a writer and by profession is a philosopher. He talked about facts and figures in his writing and the article, “What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?” by Peter Singer has a suggests about more stable people financially should help more people who are in need. And It will also encourage others to give their helping hands. Singer attempts to attraction to the reader’s feelings by bringing up some kind of examples. On the other hand is Lars Eigner who is an author and shared his experience becoming homeless. Lars Eighner describes his experiences on the street and the art of “Dumpster diving”. These two readings have some connections because both talking about the values. Eigner explained from his experience how one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure and Singer explained how people should use their money on things that can benefit others such as poor people. Therefore, People who have more should give more and should have the same obligations such as donate, give private charity and help destitute people because it can help others who are in poverty, save food from wasting and also the same lives. it is an ethical responsibility for wealthy people to go supply more charity and the authorities should take actions correctly to assist others. And also humans ought to no longer waste their food but they can dumpster dive that would benefit people who are desperate to have things they need like food.

Dumpster diving food is better than wasting it or throwing it into the garbage. There is a lot of possibilities to find food, medical stuff, fruits, vegetable things that a person needs to survive. Dumpster Diving is legal in most places in the United States and there is nothing wrong with becoming dumpster diver. Perhaps the hardest part is overcoming the stigma or shame. However, everyone has their own choice and the right to decide what they want to survive. Eigner value the little things are are essentials, things we take we people who have more take for granted. A typical rich person may view Eigner or others who dumpster dive as trash because they buy everything brand new from the store but they don’t know the reality of it. They don’t understand how much it meant for people in poverty to have the food or needy stuff from dumpster dive. Eigner states in this writing “Dumpster Diving”, “I like the frankness of the word scavenging. I live from the refuse of others. I am a scavenger.”(17). He describes scavenging as a full-time job, two that require a lot of effort. He thinks that it’s good for more than one location to look for meals and have the knowledge of how to take out safe food from dumpsters and eat safely. Also besides food, there are more things to collect from the dumpster. Some people feel ashamed to dumpster dive therefore, they choose night time but by that time, not all food stays in a good position. Eigner talked about a new scavenger who felt that way. According to Eigner, “Every grain of rice seems to be a maggot. Everything seems to stink…, but he can not erase from his mind the stigma of eating garbage. That stage passes with experience. The scavengers find a pair of running shoes that fit and look and smell brand-new. He finds a pocket calculator in perfect working order….he began to understand people throw away perfectly good stuff, a lot of perfectly good stuff “.(17). Some people feel embarrassed to dumpster dive but there is nothing to feel ashamed about. And people should more often give their food away instead of wasting them. Sometimes people can sell them to others at a cheap price. And it will help the homeless or poor. Engineer wouldn’t take such handout because he prefers to scavenge and it sounded honorable for him. Even so, it will be hard for everybody to follow that system of not wasting food.

Poverty is a huge world economic problem. Every year there are many people around the world from undeveloped countries are dying out of poverty. In the reading “What Should a Billionaire Give- and What Should You?” by Peter Singer, described how some Americans waste their money on something that is less worth than those poor people around the world. Human life is worth more than anything else. This very sad and disappointing that many children are dying from a preventable disease. According to Singer, “when Bill Gates read an article about diseases in the developing world and came across the statistic that half a million children die every year from rotavirus, the most common cause of severe diarrhea in children. He had never heard of?”(368). This was very surprising to Bill Gates that children dying for something that is not even an American list. Rotavirus is a preventable disease but children die because of poverty. They don’t have enough money for the treatment. According to Melinda Gates foundation, “Where under “Our Values” we read: “All lives -no matter where they are being led-have equal value.”This means all people should view as a human not as rich or poor. People who have more money or financially more stable, should donate or give more charity to the country where people are suffering the most. Singer argues that denying earnings is equivalent to allowing a child to die of hunger. The rich have an obligation to support as much as they are capable of supporting the poor. That informs that wealthy people are unaffected by the situation of lower-class people.

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Both of my text is dealing with the same problem but in different ways. They were talking about poverty is affecting people in different ways and how the world should give their hands to help them. For the article dumpster diving, Eighner uses a simple, understated tone because he believes that anyone can dumpster dive, with enough practice and determination. Dumpster diving has become a large part of his life. And other way Singer suggesting people make some effort to alleviate poverty around the world. If people have more they should help more financially and others should support their eligibility. That would be a fair share for everyone. According to Singer, “annually the average of $132,000. There are nearly 13 million in this (wealthy) group. If they gave the traditional tithe-10percent of their income or an average of $132,00 each- this would yield about $171 billion and leave them a minimum of $83,000”(377). This shows that giving out some money will not affect anyone hard that’s what Singer explained, but it will change the situation homeless. Save children and other lives that suffering from a lack of available resources. People like Eigner who is scavenger or dumpster diver might benefit from this because instead of leaving stuff in a dumpster, rich people, store owners, and others can donate as a fresh meal. People just don’t dumpster dive because they don’t; want it or need it but because they have more. Therefore, people like Eigner can receive fresh meals from a place where others donate necessary things.

Some might also assume that human beings have their right to pick how they prefer to use their challenging working money. No one informs them what they ought to with their salary and how they spend or make investments. According to “What billionaire should give-and what should You” by Singer “ People deserve every dollar they earn, that doesn’t answer the question of what they should do with it We might say that they have the right to spend on lavish parties, private jets, and luxury yachts, or, for that matter, to flush it down the toilet.”(372). This means Individuals merit each dollar they win, that doesn’t reply to the address of what they ought to do with it We might say that they have the proper to spend on. Rich people have more rights or privileges because they have the right to do what they want to do. On the other hand, others may also say that the amount of dumpster diving should decrease because not everything in a dumpster is good for their health and people don’t know if the meal is contaminated or not.

In conclusion, it is a moral obligation for rich people to go to give more charity and the government should take action effectively to help others. And also people should not waste their food but they can dumpster dive that would benefit needy people. It is very disappointing to see children dying from a preventable disease and others living their luxury lifestyle. Various countries are developing at different rates and it would be morally right to lend a hand to those who are in need. As more dumpster diving is also morally fair to request people to think more about homeless people and use their meals wisely. To sum it up, those who are wealthier than others should give more to those who need more.

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