The Necessity For Juvenile Justice Fix

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To begin, Juvenile justice is people who are not old enough to be responsible for criminal acts they either did or did not commit. In the beginning the first ever juvenile justice system they were focused on the kids. There was no punishment instead they used rehab and it was highly encouraged.” Juvenile court proceedings were closed to the public and juvenile records were to remain confidential so as not to interfere with the child's or adolescent's ability to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.

The very language used in juvenile court underscored these differences. Juveniles are not charged with crimes, but rather with delinquencies; they are not found guilty, but rather are adjudicated delinquent; they are not sent to prison, but to training school or reformatory”( This means that the children and teens criminal records were kept between them and the court, this was so their records would not ruin their future life.At the beginning of the 19th century children as young as the age of seven could be get a death sentence or sent to prison for committing a crime. But in 1899 a juvenile court act was passed and the juvenile court acts states that they were going to specifically focus on rehabilitation and treating the children rather than punishing them.”The act required separation of juveniles from adults when incarcerated and barred the detention of children under age 12 in jails. The act also provided for informality in procedures within the court.

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The idea of the juvenile court spread rapidly. “(Schlossman, 1983)Later on in 1925the first juvenile courts were created in every state except for Maine and Wyoming. Have you ever thought about how the Juvenile Justice system is flawed? This system does have many flaws but if we work together there are things that we can fix. Many people don’t notice how teens can be affected by many things. It is very common for children who were antisocial during their childhood to become juveniles. “These developmental paths give families, communities, and systems the opportunity to intervene and prevent the onset of antisocial behaviors and justice system involvement.” ( This means that parents or even teachers if the pick up and pay close attention can catch the signs early and prevent them. There are many ways that you can prevent juvenile delinquency. For example, after school recreation programs, mentoring programs, bullying prevention programs and classroom and behavior management programs.

Justice is very important to me because I think it's important for them to have a fair opportunity for the guilty teens to change. You should care about my issue because if these teens are not sent to rehabilitation centers and just straight to juvy in the long run when they get out of juvie or jail and are adults they are going to have no right from wrong and just get themselves put back in the same place. For example,”Many youths with disorders go untreated simply because of a lack of mental health services available to them in the community. This can result in disruptive behavior leading to an arrest and sometimes confinement in a juvenile facility –even though most have committed minor, non-violent offenses.” Sometimes the parents or guardians are not able toget the help they need for there children and teens. For example, Even if treatment is available in the community, families often have difficulty accessing care because their insurance coverage is inadequate and it is not always clear whether public sources of funding will cover these services.

There are many ways that juvenile justice can be fixed. For example teens acting out can be prevented before it even happens. If parents see any type of behavior where their child is acting out they should do anything they can to prevent it like if the are antisocail when younger maybe sighn them up for a sport or activity.

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