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The Peculiarities of Care, Adoption, and Surrogacy

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“I’ve seen you cringe just a little when someone says your child is lucky to have you. Because you know with all your being that it is the other way around” (Harris). This elucidates that when someone has the opportunity of becoming a caregiver they feel as if they’re the ones who are blessed rather than the child who is able to have a chance in the world. Caregiving is a very significant act of love that is shown all over the globe. It affects people of all different age groups from infants to elderly. Caregiving opportunities offered through foster care, adoption, and surrogacy prove that love is the dominant force in our world today.

Some children are blessed and have been living in a safe home since the day they were born. While others don’t get the same opportunity, but instead something similar, such as foster care. For instance, “Anthony went the longest time without being adopted; he was in foster care from age 9 all the way up to high school without having a permanent home. But the funny thing is that he preferred it that way.He’s used Forrest Gump’s famous line, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” to explain that he would rather have kept on having new adventures in foster care than stay somewhere forever” (Gonzalez). This demonstrates that foster care is a system for children that provides them with food, nutrition, and the necessary items they need for survival because of the difficult circumstance they had prior in their life. Additionally, in Phoenix, Arizona a young boy named Michael was in the foster care system for 832 days. When Michael spent so much time in a caring place such as foster care and finally got adopted because of that he felt ebullient and beamful (Mulroy).

Through this, it shows that foster care provides a way for children to eventually get adopted by a family and put them in a safe and loving home. If it wasn’t for foster care a lot of children from infants to 18 years old might’ve never gotten a family to call their own. Furthermore, Simone Biles, an Olympic medalist created a drive program for foster care children specifically which provided them with mattresses. Simone wants to keep the organization's mission going by providing more hope and encouragement toward foster care children so they can reach their goals (Williams). Simone’s kind act of helping foster care children get a place to sleep shows there are organizations that help out foster care so the children there get a place to rest every night. Through all of this, foster care is able to open a door after another has been closed for a child, and it gives them a chance of opportunity in the world as well as people who go out of their way to help those in foster care all contribute to love being a dominant factor than hate in the world today. For many adolescents, adoption doesn’t mean much since we’ve never experienced it first hand, though to a child being adopted, it means the world and even brings them a lifetime of joy.

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For instance, a program called Culturally Fluent Families is created for families of a different race to adopt children of another race no matter the cultural differences by Valerie Chavez. When Valerie adopted two of her children from Ethiopia, she went out of her way and stayed in her children's country for a bit to see their native culture (Foster). This demonstrates that people make sure that when adopting a child they understand the cultural differences between them and the child's background so they can raise them away with a mix of both. Not only that, but more people through this learn to accept that racial differences don’t matter. On the other hand, there are also programs where some people feel more comfortable with getting a child with the same ethnicity. Some adoptions they match the parents' ethnicity with the child’s ethnicity, so the child isn't missing anything they should've from their original home and the adoption is natural ('Interracial Adoption'). To elaborate, this program allows people in control of adoption or the parents prior to making sure the child still knows about their background culture. To add on, Michele Fried, the CEO of Adoption Star, knows that adopting children is very expensive and she has created programs to help adopt children, which is one of the ways she could afford adopting one of her 10 children. The program is a fundraiser, which helps collect money to assist in the budget.With this, churches and synagogues helped assist Michele with the fundraiser (Fried). This proves that raising money to provide a home for a child is bringing the whole community together and getting them to work together with one goal. We’re taught that with adoption adults are showing love toward adopting children from, adapting to their culture background, making sure they’re the right fit for the child's past, present, and future, and financially finding a way to make it all possible, which, all makes love stronger around the globe than hate will ever be.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who want to conceive children and cannot, in this case, surrogacy comes in and lets them have an opportunity to become a caregiver. Notably, Shannon was all about spreading love and kindness and after she saw one of her closest friends couldn't conceive, she noticed that she didn't want more kids of her own, but her body is good to have more children and help couples who aren't able to have children. She went online and did her research and saw couples that deeply wanted children and got in touch with them. From there, she met up with the parents in Sydney, Australia which was in the middle of both their locations and made sure the parents weren't going to split up and could afford the baby. From there, she was ready to be the surrogate of the couple and do the love of labor for them to have a beautiful and loved daughter (Webeck). To clarify, Shannon’s warm-hearted act of giving another family a chance to have their own child show how much deep affection she reveals by helping another family out. Another key point is, Parfieniuk was a surrogate for an international family who flew across the world to see the surrogacy happen. The family stayed with Parfieniuk for a month until the baby was born to get to know their surrogate. After they left back to their motherland they kept her updated on the baby by sending such things as pictures. Parfieniuk had thought about surrogacy before she had even been married and she was thankful to give a couple the opportunity to grow their family (Gregory). In a word, Parfieniuk proves her endearment going through the hardships of having to be a surrogate for a couple whose homeland is thousands of miles away. Back home in America in Calfornia, Amy Kaplan is a surrogate and most of her clients are the LGBT families and Chinese; because surrogacy in China is legal and LGBT families don’t have the easiest time conceiving. She explains how surrogate get paid between $35,000 - $40, 000 though, you don’t become a surrogate for money, you instead become a surrogate because you want to help a family out (Watson & Young). As can be seen, not using surrogacy for money but instead for aiding couples demonstrates the politeness Amy has for her clients. After all, surrogates go out of their way to give their body out to another family, destroy overseas barriers, and looking beyond just the fortunes.

Love is overtaking hate in the world today due to the opportunity available to caregivers from foster care, adoption, and surrogacy. In essence, it is able to be taken away that foster care, distributes a home to a child after they’ve been through unsafe surroundings. Adoption comes in when it provides love on both ends of the child and the adult because the child gets a family to call their own and the parent gets a chance of providing love for the child and getting it back. With surrogacy, while making something so beautiful as precious as a child, you need a helping hand and there are people out there willing to lend a hand to create a family. The fact about the world is there are 8 billion people living in it and there are humans out there who are gonna want children in a safe environment, distribute a home for them, and want to give them the gift of life while feeling beyond blessed. With all of this said, love in this aspect is so powerful that it leaves hate meaning nothing in the world.

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