The Peculiarities Of Internet Shopping: Benefits And Risks

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction and overview
  3. Analysis of the situation
  4. Project description
  5. Assessment of benefits
  6. Risk
  7. Budget and Project TimeLine
  8. Conclusion

Today internet has changed the way of shopping. Online shopping has tremendous changes from past years. The most famous activity to which now all the generations of people are addicted is online shopping any person can do his shopping from anywhere of any store. It also us compare the features and prices and choose the best product by sitting in the home. The online shopping was developed in 1970s in the United Kingdom. The e-commerce has developed to explain the process of business using technology. There are different latest technologies are implemented which are backbone of the e-commerce industry.

In 1990s this was period of growth of e-commerce industry and it developed the invasion of debit and credit cards. After the development of this cards different countries started launching their market place to increase the country economically and to make products spread worldwide. The first browser was launched in the year 1990 is World Wide Web and after the launch they used it for commercial benefits. Later on, the other new browser was launched called Netscape this made people to navigate to the website directly by typing the name of the site. Because of this many country developed their websites and increased their profits and sales.

Executive summary

The executive summary is all about the business case is internet shopping. Online shopping can be done in all seven days in a week without any limitation of time. To do online shopping the only one mandatory is internet, so you can do shopping from office or home and it will convenient to the users who are fed up by doing shopping at stores. While installing any shopping application and security innovation should be progressed well or else you may encounter issues with the shopping website. This business case will explain the about the problems of internet shopping and will figure out the problems with proper solution

Introduction and overview

Online shopping is defined as place where customers directly buy the products without intermediary service from the sellers through internet. The internet provides a good relationship with the customers and sellers to sale their goods. Internet shopping is trending fashion now days. Online businesses are simply increasing goods and services. Online shopping is booming business for all the people who can a start a small business. There are different problems associated with this online shopping. The one way of doing electronic commerce in online shopping. The online customers can browse all the range of products and services offered by the vendors and they can see the complete description of the products and pictures of it. An online shopping is referred as e-shop, internet shop, e-store, webstore, web shop and virtual store. Now days big retailers offer online stores to expand their business.

There are some of the problems of the online shopping costumer may receive wrong products, damaged products, delay in delivery of the products and sometimes they may not receive the products. When we foreign products we cannot contact directly to the store managers and there will be only the customer support to contact but they will be not available all the time and there is problem that we cannot correctly track our order. In the following will be discussing the problems and their solutions. Use of internet for online shopping has been increased in those days. Online buying behavior is a type of behavior exhibited by customers while doing online shopping they search and select the products and finally done the purchase goods the same behavior is reflected by the purchasing process of buying a product through internet. Before internet was the source of information, entertainment but now days it is used to do shopping for daily basis. The internet acts as a new mode of exchange between the users and sellers and it acts has an alternative method of traditional shopping.

Analysis of the situation

Online shopping is the best way and easy to shop. Even through it reduces times but sometimes there are few problems that a customer or user experiences. We will discuss few problems here and later we can explain clear and good solution to the problem. Analysis situation for few problems product quality, delay in delivery of products, limited payment methods, confirmation of payment missing, damaged products, boring interfaces, damaged products and no proper return policies.

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  • Quality of the product: Most common problem that customers face the products will not be up to the mark as shown in the picture. As the competition is growing in the e-commerce industry the selling of poor-quality products under the name of branded products as been increasing.
  • Delay in delivery of products: Another common problem when customers place their orders, the e-commers business management even doesn’t state the proper time of delivery of the products and the orders take more time than expected to be delivered.
  • Limited payment methods: As many websites of e-commerce industry have this problem. Customers doesn’t know how to do payment when option of their debit card is not available and sometimes the customers get stuck when there is no option of cash on delivery.
  • Damaged products: Another major problem is the customers receiving damage products this happen when the orders a from long distance and there will be loss time and money for the customers and they may receive wrong products.
  • Confirmation of payment missing: Sometime when customer is in payment page and payment is done and then money gets deducted from their account, but the page gets shutoff suddenly without any confirmation of payment and then chasing for refund to the company is altogether is big challenge.

Project description

The project is about the online shopping to avoid technical fraud and there are different problems that customer face when they place orders. As we discussed about the problems of the online shopping to avoid those problems efficient and proper solutions will be discussed. Technical fraud and other problems will be solved by implementing alternative solutions for each problem. They solutions will be discussed. Make sure that your products should undergo a usability test and they should evaluate effectively and usefully. In e-commerce industry every platform should be inventory management solutions and it should give clear idea to the owner about the orders and stock and delivery system so that owner can be get accurate profits without any problems. The proper tracking system from dispatch of the order until the order is received by the customer and if estimated time and date should be given to the customer. The e-copayments if increase the different the options of payment so that it will be convenient to the buyers it also helps to increase the sales. A quick fix email should be sent after the customer place his order and done the payment so that the customer will not be worried about the outcome. The confirmation indicates that their order is placed successfully. The charges of the products will be provided clearly so that customers do not feel cheated and they buy products as per there interest.

The policies of the websites should be clearly given in different languages so that every customer can understand clearly and return policies details like charged return shipping and time limit should be displayed clearly. The website structure should be simple and clear so that the customer can easily make the orders and it should only contain only useful information about customer it should be not be lengthy fields which contain unnecessary details and reduce the number of clicks to process the purchase and make sure that the website should not to be too long to load. Check your card through the payment is done whether exact amount is deducted and follow the notifications from the bank by an email or text message to your number which is used while registering for the credit card or debit card.

Assessment of benefits

Now days people are very busy with their work they would not spend time for there shopping for those online shopping is the best way to shop their goods. Internet shopping is a key role for in the market and it also makes customers to feel comfortable to purchase their products. With a less, span of time user can order any product from any place to any to any place. The following are benefits of internet shopping.

  • There will be best prices and cheap deals will be available at online because the products will come directly from the manufacture and without involving any middlemen and we can save tax. In online shopping is better because can save gas and parking expenses and time can be saved.
  • More variety of products will be available in online with latest designs and trends and you can find any brand items irrespective of the country. You can find far greater selection of colors and sizes than you find in the store. Some store even accepts the order even if the products are out of stock they will be able to re-stock and send to you. You can get rid of overcrowd and waiting for payment in the queue.
  • Using online shopping you send a gift to your friends and relatives no matter where they are. They provide shipping for long distances and if it is a gift they would decorative it nicely and send.
  • Online shopping will be best suitable to buy do any discreet purpose easier and there is market pale in the internet where one can sell or buy used or damaged products for sell price.


The online shopping is good source of shopping to maintain the time and control their economical audits. Online shopping is developing quickly because of its quality and quick shopping and providing international brands and can shop at them at less price. While doing online shopping using any cards one should be carefully because there are some risks are encountered. Web shopping is increasing drastically but there are some risks. The following are:

  • Phishing is main risk this theft is done when the culprits send emails which is appearing to be from reputable companies the main intension of them is to reveal the individual personal information like password and username and credit card numbers. Spear Phishing this is another increasing phenomenon and it is like phishing where people receive scam emails and they appear like designed emails from relatives and friends. Sometimes they will send some links if we click on it all our details will be trapped.
  • The other common problem is theft of data this is increasing phenomenon and it is mainly done by office administrators and other office workers by accessing servers. This leads to fall of the company reputations and users will no more dare to access such websites. The users should be aware of those kinds of risks. Malware is the type of software is designed to damage and disable computer systems.
  • Fake online reviews some websites have paid reviews which will trap the users and customer should be aware which of authorized website. Counterfeit goods are also designed as original products and customers should identify the original products.

Budget and Project TimeLine

The project plan is completed by designing the budget and project timeline. Whether it is a small or big project the budget and time line are designed. The main aspects to be consider: Determine nation of resources required and estimation of cost of the resources. Determining the resources defines that estimating the rate of resources material. Vendor bid analysis it is important to evaluate the bids from the vendors and accepting one of them. Reserve analysis is reserving some few for any overruns. Cost of quality is termed as you should figure out the cost for all quality related activities into the total budget. Cost of quality is the way of tracking the cost of the activities and it is also the total amount of money used for the project. The project time line is defined as the total time taken to complete the project so that the client can be prepared to use the developed application and based on the project the duration employees will be hired if a greater number of employees are required and it is important for all the projects.


Online shopping is the different experience that you can shop anything from any place and you can make your shopping creative over internet. There is high growth of internet in the present days and there is more sales in online shopping than in-store shopping. Before getting into the online shopping the main points to be known is don’t trust or shop and get into fake websites. Shopping is good if it is done in certified websites. To avoid the cybercrimes, it is better to follow notifications of your credit card and debit card and use encrypted passwords. Online shopping is more enjoyable and easier than real world shopping.

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