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‘The Plastic Pink Flamingo’: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Jennifer Price's essay, 'The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,' explores the rise and symbolism of the plastic pink flamingo in American culture. Published in 1999, Price employs rhetorical strategies to examine the social and cultural significance of this iconic lawn ornament. Through the use of vivid language, irony, and persuasive techniques, Price offers a thought-provoking critique of American consumerism and the obsession with materialism.

Thesis Statement

In 'The Plastic Pink Flamingo,' Jennifer Price utilizes rhetorical devices such as vivid imagery, irony, and persuasive language to critique the extravagant consumer culture prevalent in America during the mid-20th century.

Use of Vivid Imagery

Price employs vivid imagery to illustrate the ostentatious nature of the plastic pink flamingo and its association with wealth and luxury. She describes the flamingo as a "vivid icon of America's postwar boom" and "the epitome of what I saw as the era's guilty pleasures." Through these descriptions, Price captures the visual impact and allure of the flamingo while simultaneously exposing the excessive consumerism of the era.

Utilization of Irony

Throughout her essay, Price employs irony to underscore the contradictions and absurdities of American consumer culture. She highlights the contrast between the natural habitat of real flamingos and the artificiality of their plastic counterparts. By juxtaposing the idea of a natural bird with its synthetic imitation, Price critiques the superficiality and artificiality of American society's obsession with material possessions.

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Persuasive Language

Price uses persuasive language to engage the reader and convince them of her perspective. She employs rhetorical questions, such as "How did the pink flamingo become an icon of kitsch?" and "Why, after all, call it the Plastic Pink Flamingo?" These questions encourage readers to critically examine the cultural significance of the flamingo and challenge the prevailing consumerist values of the time.

Historical and Cultural Context

Price incorporates historical and cultural references to situate the rise of the plastic pink flamingo within the broader context of postwar America. She discusses the growth of suburbia, the emergence of Florida as a tourist destination, and the influence of mass media and advertising on shaping American tastes. By contextualizing the flamingo's popularity, Price reveals the societal factors that contributed to its symbolism as a status symbol.


In 'The Plastic Pink Flamingo,' Jennifer Price effectively employs rhetorical strategies to offer a scathing critique of American consumerism and the superficiality of material possessions. Through vivid imagery, irony, and persuasive language, Price exposes the excessive and artificial nature of the plastic pink flamingo and its cultural significance during the mid-20th century. By challenging readers to reconsider their own values and attitudes towards consumerism, Price's essay serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of unchecked materialism and the need for critical reflection on the societal influences that shape our preferences and desires.

Ultimately, Price's rhetorical analysis of the plastic pink flamingo highlights the larger issues at play in American culture and invites readers to consider the broader implications of our consumer-driven society. By delving beneath the surface of this seemingly trivial lawn ornament, Price reveals the profound impact of consumer culture on our values and aspirations. Through her skillful use of rhetoric, Price prompts readers to question and evaluate their own relationship with materialism and the role it plays in shaping our identities and perceptions of success.

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