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The Problem Of Demography In China

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As a starting point, I have been asking myself multiple times if globalization is good or greater good. In general, we can see that globalization is essential due to the fact that it gives us what we demand, however, we can’t see the things that affect the countries negatively. The developing countries are the most commiserable in terms of development and inequality. Specifically, in developing countries like China, this country has been globalized since then, even though Shanghai, China is the manufacturing industry in the world, moreover, for the past couple of years, China has been very popular in every aspect of the country for the reason that they have a wide range of businesses around the world. Also, many businesses and trade originated in the said country yet they are still known or qualify as developing countries. Nevertheless, it continues to slow down its development because this country has been well-known for its population. Thenceforth, China has been overpopulated in 1949 after World War II since they believe that having more children will result in more money for the country, can produce more food, and develop a massive and stronger army that is why parents back then are more encouraged to produce more children (White, 2006) but it is really evident that their conclusion is wrong. The demography of China has been rapidly growing and it has a massive impact on their development. In spite of the fact that China has been promoting many laws that can lessen their demography, we can see that it is not effective since they are still the number one out of the ten most populous countries (United States Census Bureau, 2020). Because of this, their culture, life, and belief are fluctuating, furthermore, an enormous population will have a negative impact not just in the country but also on those living inside. Having a lot of children is not a sin but it has a good and bad effect on themselves and on their surroundings because of that their development will not grow and inequality will occur. Over the last few years, overpopulation has been a problem not just in China but all over the world, there are lots of solutions that the government suggested yet the problem is still there. If we continue to live in this situation the risk will be bigger than we already have.

For a couple of years, China has been very popular in terms of the political and economic aspects. Furthermore, because of globalization, China has a global strategy in which they combine it with the market-specific approach. The said country is becoming a new champion of trade and globalization (Lu, 2018). In view of the fact that the country is really popular, thanks to globalization. Businesses in China are looking forward to enlarging their business in all corners of the world. Because of that, their relationship with the other countries makes them a powerful country, in which inequality occurs. There is an inequality between rural and urban income distribution in China, nowadays, the income of rural workers is not equally distributed to urban workers (Wu, 2005). The second out of ten countries that has vast gaps between the rich and the poor is China (Suneson & Stebbins, 2019). The Gini coefficient of China is 0.482 wherein it is close to 1 and when it is close to 1 it represents that there is an unequal distribution (Han, et al.,2016). When a country has large demography inequality is really impossible to disappear since it is hard to control each of the citizens. According to Thomas Malthus, a British scholar in his essay entitled “An Essay on the Principle of Population”, he said that in the middle of the 19th century .population growth will result in war, calamity, and food production will be limited. Citizens in China are concerned with their food safety, in addition, they demand great quality food but with the help of technology, Chinese doctors create an ear of hybrid wheat and hybrid rice. Nonetheless, because of their population, there is a degradation of land and resources, also, there is a limited living condition (Cook, 1999).

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Since there is a massive growth of population in the whole world, the American policy journal Foreign Affairs introduced the use of contraception and sterilization. The use of birth control is still an argument, however, they introduced it to control the risk of the downfall of the global economy, as well as the social and political problems. The American Foreign Affairs thinks that with the help of the birth control program they can rebuild their development and control population, especially in developing countries. China, which is the most populous country in several years has been thinking of a lot of ways on how to control its population, for instance, in 1979, China implemented a law that says one child per family policy (Li, 1995). This law is still present and effective, those parents who have only a child will have a benefit given by the government, for instance, cash and medical care (Wang, 1996; White, 2006) but those who did not follow the policy will be either 50% tax or they will lose their job. Moreover, those who have unplanned pregnancies without authorization will be terminated (Hilali, 1997). In addition to that, in 1980, the specific region will only have a set amount of population and when the amount is surpassed, the local office will be punished (Cook, 1999). The policy of controlling the population does not stop there, another policy to control the population, the institute birth control programs, and economic changes, they have set a goal in the early ’80s to sterilize those families who have two children and it is also mandatory for them (Hilali, 1997). In 1983, 35% are successful regarding birth control methods like vasectomy and abortion (Hilali, 1997). With all the policies that were implemented Chinese government sought that opportunity to change from agriculture to industry. They believe that economic growth is very important rather than population growth. In my point of view, the program must be implemented as family planning because I believe that with the right family planning it will have a bigger impact on the development of the country. Free birth control is what people demand nowadays and I think that this program will surely be effective. I do agree with the use of birth control since many people only want the pleasure but not having children on their own and the best way to prevent that is to have birth control. Demography in any country is really important particularly in China since overall it affects the social, political, and economic aspects.

To sum up, everything that has been stated, one of the major problems in China is their demography. There are lots of policies that pertain to their population which can help to control the overall necessities of the country. If the demography in the said country will continue to grow there will be a possibility that the risk will be bigger than we are currently experiencing, furthermore, the evidence of food shortage, the war between other countries, and degradation of land and resources are already enough to take action. As a student, finding and recommending a way to solve this issue is one of our responsibilities for the future generations. Family planning program and creating a new set of necessities like food with the help of technology we can limit its risk. Moreover, I think giving free birth control, for instance, condoms will ensure the declining demography. This globalization-induced issues like demography peculiarly in food shortage and birth control is what people need to know.

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