The Secrets of Happy Families': Review of a Book

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2004 Household Economic Studies, only 61 percent of children are raised from birth to age eighteen in a home with both of their birth parents. What this statistic told us was that if we as society don’t open our eyes to new ways of defining family, we’ll miss a real opportunity to make our families and our communities stronger. What this statistic tells us is that if we as a society don’t open our eyes to new ways of defining family, we’ll miss a real opportunity to make our families and our communities stronger.

In the novel of The Secrets of Happy Families, Author Scott Haltzman encourages unique and idealistic ways to create a heathier and loving family. In Haltzmans research proves that blissful families help build good for heath, permanency, peace of mind, productivity, and success with one another’s relationship. In the novel of The Secrets of Happy Families, Haltzman offers an innovative approach to help build family gratification that works for families of all backgrounds and various family parenting approaches. Haltzman provides his technique called “Positive Psychology “. Positive Psychology is expressed in a way of problem solving through strategy and leadership. In this technique Haltzman strategizes through understanding and accepting who you are as a person while taking in consideration the leadership role in loving and united relationships. Overall in the book, Haltzman describes Positive Psychology as a way to help build a support system in extended families and communities that make the quality of time for family members to feel fun and adaptable or any occasion or for any person.

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The book begins by introducing the honest meaning of family and happiness. Author, Scott Haltzman discusses his triumphs with his own family and how he can relate to the saying that “You may have a perfect family, but that doesn’t mean that each of you are happy”. He then gives the reader an example of him and his family from the text. He then starts by describing the Haltzman family living in a small suburban town with a respectable income and their home is solidly constructed with two well-educated children and a pet rabbit. Haltzman then asks the question “So if they Haltzman’s fit such a perfect profile of happy family, why are we all feeling so unhappy now?” I enjoyed reading this part of the novel because he discovers that this wasn’t an easy question to answer even as a clinician. This book explores many ways in which humans come together to form a family. But keep in mind that this book is about happy—not perfect—families.

Following the rich description of family, happiness and imperfection. Haltzman then discovered he could create an online study from survey data collecting from families all over the world. This data would help him gain a clearer understanding of the behind-the-scenes working of families. The numbers would then compare with how his information would match information against a published data, and in almost every case, the statistics yielded in his surveys matching national averages. This data collecting experience help share unidentified information to resources and gave results to an honest look inside the heart of today’s families.

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