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Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy

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We all know this phrase that was said a long time ago: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. However, few people have understood the meaning. It is very welcome to love our neighbors, even if our needs are not met. But as you often say in the sentence above, putting yourself in the first place is synonymous with egoism. However, a person who has self-esteem does not have to be selfish.

All people are born with a survival instinct that tells us what our needs are. Throughout our lives, it is only natural that we lose the inner direction we need so much to sustain ourselves. The norms of the society in which we are born will shape our behavior until we become useful people to the system. These norms and beliefs will have been inherited or transmitted by the adults with whom we are associated.

All these formations that lead us to become good citizens have the particularity of ensuring that individual qualities are not taken into account or, in the worst case, that they are degraded. Each person is born with unique and special characteristics that must be strengthened to create a rich society in different shades. However, most people now require more and more uniformity.

Someone who loves himself is very difficult because he does not like others. Likewise, a person who never gets hurt at one time is almost impossible to hurt another living being. Unfortunately, this is not the most common at the moment we live.

Because we are very young, we learn to compete and fight to be ‘something’ in life. We have forgotten that being alive just means that we are something very important. To the same extent, and especially for the female gender, we are convinced that it is very important to meet the needs of others before their own. With these two visions, children grow up in an increasingly violent and denatured society.

If we knew from birth our importance and the need to shine as individual beings, we would not have achieved the destruction we are doing. If each person were able to recognize and satisfy their needs and not trained for competition but for cooperation, we would have a very different reality.

A selfish person is a person who thinks only of himself and his own advantages. The egoist thinks excessively about everything that concerns him. However, the person who has self-esteem knows its value and meets its needs. A person who loves himself will be able to easily love others, while the selfish will have no trouble harming others to achieve their goals.

When a person knows the value he or she has and makes sure it is a treasure, she is one way or another to look after her most valuable asset, to make it common to the rest of the world. Human being.

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As we have said, many people have lost their love for themselves all their lives and can not put themselves forward. However, this way of perceiving us can be changed with a little perseverance and patience.

Let’s see what we can do to increase our self-esteem:

The best way to start loving yourself and enjoying yourself is to know what you think of yourself. For this, it is necessary that you begin to focus your attention on your interior. We have become accustomed to living abroad, but we must urgently change this habit. I suggest you record moments of silence every day in which you can observe your thoughts. Meditation is a technique that will help you a lot in this process.

Fortunately, each person is different and we should never compare. Observe what you think of others and try to stop them each time you compare to others. So much to feel upstairs as if you feel inferior. This type of behavior is an acquired habit which, thanks to observation, can disappear.

You should treat yourself the same way you treat a helpless child. Try to accept everything that concerns you. Your physical appearance, your fears, your weaknesses, your emotions. This is all about you and you must be kissed and recognized. The judgments you have rendered must disappear completely. If you accept, the whole world will accept you.

The best gifts you can offer are acceptable information and forgiveness. However, it is also very important that. We give you time and love. Forget the rush and give yourself permission to do the things you love in a certain way, ranquila. No need to spend money, it can be simple things like a nap, a bath or a quiet walk. You may also want a material gift and not wait for someone else to think about doing it. These little details with yourself fill your life with the joy that others will also enjoy.

The reality in which you live depends a lot on you, your feelings and your reaction to the various events. You are the center of your universe and from this center you emit outward and radiate what is. If you want your life to be filled with peace and joy, allowing those emotions to settle inside.

And do not forget that meditation can help to ‘stop’ and experience the benefits of a healthy, conscious life. It is the same method of health preparation that will help you establish new habits in your daily life, not only to start meditating, but also to learn how to nurture and lead an active life. Go ahead and try the feeling of the app – you can download it here – and it will be your best companion to guide you on the path of meditation. This is a very simple method that will open the doors of consciousness and positive psychology to improve your well-being and ultimately be happier.

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